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Work Truck

March 18, 2014 · in Automotive · 19 · 1.7K

I showed the boxes for the original kits which are considered collectors items and priced accordingly. I did not use these kits but combined a later release of the roadster with a resin repop of the panel delivery body from a company called "Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland". The original kits were released by MPC & not available right now except on the second hand market.

It is a 1933 Chevrolet that has been retro'd to a 1931 model.

Some of the modifications include:

Spare tire mount changed from duals recessed in the fenders to a single RH external mount.

Moveable hood vents changed to vertical louvers.

Canvas top added by shooting a heavy coat of primer, pressing down a paper kitchen towel while the paint is wet, then overspraying with black paint.

Scratch built cargo bulkhead with screen.

Scratch built cargo. Those are supposed to be rolled up carpets.

Model Master enamels were used.

The livery was done with dry transfers borrowed from the railroad guys.

Something a little different. Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. I love it! What a super job!

  2. Great job Al. Really neat and tidy.

  3. Nice clean build, always interested in things even without wings! I remember those MPC kits from the 1970's, even built one or two. Great "mod job" on the kit, a modeler derives satisfaction for building something a little different, especially in "ground transportation" subjects.

  4. Very neat model and beautifully finished and detailed, Al, you really have an eye for these things.

  5. Great job Al. You got it "just right" ! It's nice to get back to your "roots" (cars) once in a while.

    • Thanks Joe. I still enjoy doing the automotive pieces though the younger generation has passed me by when you look at what is on the contest tables.

  6. Very nice, Al. Nice modifications and I like your idea for the canvas roof. Will keep that in mind for any vehicle.

  7. said on March 19, 2014

    what a beauty al

  8. Al,
    It is such a pleasure to see such skilled work on something beside an airplane or arm our. Not that I dislike either. What you have done here is to take a somewhat mediocre kit and turned it into a museum piece. I absolutely love looking at your model.

  9. Thanks Frank. You are humbling me here.

  10. As Al commented over on my BT-1 WIP we live near each other, and often get together with other friends and work on out various projects. Al is a master craftsman and it's always a treat to watch one of his "chop jobs" on automotive kits. The pictures he posts here really don't do justice to his work

  11. Great work on this kit. Clever idea using the primer and towel to make the roof pattern. I might have to try that. 🙂

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