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Eduard 1/48 Bf 109G-6 to Appear in May

April 2, 2014 · in Uncategorized · · 18 · 1.3K

has released the revised boxart for their forthcoming new-tool Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6.

The kit itself is due for release in May.

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  1. Nice piece of art work for the new 109. I hope they have some better or less well known decal options from the very familiar one illustrated.

  2. Oh a 109! another 109! another bloody 109!

    • Yeah but this is an ultimate Bf 109 with corrected bulges... 🙂

      • I've been following Eduards press releases on the 109 ...not many model companies show the modeler their source for inspiration i.e showing the public the museums that they have visited and there staff taking measurements with lasers( Digital info for the computers) and taking photos of restored a/c. There is a degree of transparency that you don't see with other manufactures.Some companies rely on photos and drawings which are more subjective when it comes to there source and how there used. Some folks have labeled the Eduard Spitfires as the "Best" in 1/48...even with the exhausts and other minor niggles. I'm sure that Eduards experience with the Spit will carry over the 109 and will be seeing another example of "Best" in class, It will being interesting on how these kits will compare to the Zvezda kit and of course the Hasegawa's legions of 109 kits.

    • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Oh boyoboyoboy another 109! Pu-leeze. If only the Eduard boys would utilize their time on a proper 1/48 ( or better yet, 1/32) P-40B...I really don't understand why it's so hard to do.

  4. I have to agree with Mark and Bill. The Messerschmitt 109 has been done to death. Sure, Eduard did an outstanding job on the Spitfire Mk.IX, but what more can they do to the Messerschmitt that has not been done already? P-40B? Why not? Spitfire Mk.I ? Why not? Messerschmitt 109? WTF?

  5. For most seasoned modelers... yes the kit has been over done. However, it still is a bread and butter kit for manufactures. Folks buy them. Build it and they come, sort like "Fields of Dreams". The Hasegawa kits are dated which is not to say they're bad but, they need re scribing, or some adjustments to remove scoops or the spinner is off or something only the purist would see and care about. Everyone likes to do the bad guys ...sort of like watching Darth Vader being a bad a*s... the dark side can very attractive.:)

  6. Reading the above comments, remember that is only a model, you do not have to buy it!

  7. Thanks for all the comments. I'd agree with Stephen here. Personally, I could live without another Bf 109G kit (yeah maybe in 1/72), but I wholly appreciate Eduard's reputation of being able to bring any subject to a new level - and make people to buy the resulting product. This has been a key part of Eduard's strategy for many years, not least visible in their Limited Edition series, the Profipacks, Royal Class etc.

    In the early years, Eduard seemed to stay within the realm of "not previously/recently kitted" - with their biplanes, the Hellcats, a variety of Soviet subjects, the Mig-21, the Mirage. As things appear now, this was merely a build-up period for the brand.

    Fast forward to recent years. With the introduction of the Fw 190 A & D series, Bf 109E and the Spitfire IX, Eduard has proven that they are able to tackle even the most competitive subjects in the same fashion - and win. This is also why the Bf 109G is their next logical move.

    Eduard's transparent communications, focus on the need of advanced modelers, clever online marketing are right on the money and contribute to their reputation which ultimately sells kits. Therefoe I'm confident that we're all going to buy the Eduard Bf 109 at some point 🙂

  8. Me being a ship guy, I can tell you aircraft enthusiests that this "new improved" release is typical throughout the plastic industry. If they release another "new improved" battleship YAMATO I think I'm going to start building effiel towers out of matchsticks and ditch plastic modeling.

    The trouble with manufacturers is that they "build what sells", they are not model builders, they are businessmen. They are "bottom line" men, profits trump new ideas and model subjects for the most part. Still, the new kits are state of the art and there are many to choose from (no matter what you build). But I still grouse about the constant repetetion of the usual destroyers, PT boats, battleships and aircraft carrier subjects being offered when so many ships are overlooked and never produced. As Simon mentioned, you don't have to buy them and I don't!

  9. " Eduard’s transparent communications, focus on the need of advanced modelers, clever online marketing are right on the money and contribute to their reputation which ultimately sells kits. Therefoe I’m confident that we’re all going to buy the Eduard Bf 109 at some point :)"

    Thank you point exactly this is a "Bread and Butter" issue for Eduard. All of the modeling companies have a 109 in their line up and each try to build a better mouse trap. These are business decisions that help pay the bills. I think of the original Accurate Miniatures and what happen to that company even though they were doing exactly what modelers wanted ...they tanked. Or some of the classic shelf sitters the PBY Catalina in 1/48 scale or how about Vigilante or the Junkers Ju 52 in 1/48 scale all "Must have kits" that modelers clamored for and got. Shelf sitters how many times do they get re- issued?

    In order to survived the modeling company has to have a line up...with the Good Guys and the Bad Guys depending on your point of view to help tell the story and history of the subject and sell stuff. Me-109s are Bread and Butter kits that can be sold to the true believers and to people who are new to the hobby or anything in between or they are zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz to the been there and done that crowd. What ever floats your boat. Business before pleasure.
    I might add that Eduard is savy with the social media, putting out some you tube videos that appeal to most males... there latest Mig-15 is entertaining, they have club,and they have a blog or a monthly and a online mail cataloged. They are doing what Squadron did in 70s and 80's only they are taking advantage of the internet.

    They do read some of comments made on Web Mags and have refuted some peoples comments and have gone so far as show the material they used for making their models too. The Polikparpov I-16 was a case in point.

    I'm not trying to be a cheer leader ...I'm point out there actions and comparing them them to what other company's are doing. Airfix/Hornsby does similar thing with the club and catalogue...

  10. All Great points... my two cents worth: I am a huge 109 fan, but completely agree-enough is enough. How about something novel like a Tempest II or a B-26 Marauder in quarter scale or God forbid, an accurate P-51B in 1:32nd gonna tell me those wouldn't sell like hot cakes? it's like the geniuses at GM that designed and OK'd production of the Aztec are in charge of what the model community "wants".

  11. A friendly "Hello" from BOBO/ Germany

    It is a great hipe around the new kit in sclae 1:48 Bf 109G, many interesting photos and pictures, many hope of a good model. And I have like this new model because I see many new variations you can build, also too the Type 110 engine variant from Erla-production. Never firm has made these Messerschmitt-type in scale 1/48.

    Since friday last week this new kit is on my table. Within about 8 hours I have built the complete fuselage and some parts of wing and other litte part groups.

    I want built the figther aircraft of I./ JG300 commander, Hptm.Gerhard Stamp. All alternative parts are in this kit box. (tail, Erla-canopy, short antenna), a redesigned Bf 109G-6 with new tail and Erla-canopy. The standard decals not so interesting for me! :pilot:

    At first I found only some little kit mistakes(?) and I’m sure that firm EDIAUAD can use this infos to improve the quality.

    1.) I miss on the inside from fuselage holes and pins for position fixing the fuselage half. I must make some little strap on the fuselage inside. Also too on the wing insides.

    2.) And it is’nt easy to fixing the cockpit interieur in the inside of fuselage. I miss more cement points.

    3.) I’m not understand, why the tail (fin) parts are asymetric- or it is an production error?

    4.) The engine underside i have used putty, because the fuselage parts on this area are a little bit to small.

    5.) I have look on some photos (JG300).
    I’m sure the wheel wells on the wing under surface are a tad too big.

    6.) The Erla-canopy is incorrect in the back. In this area the canopy falls down. The plastic parts are very thick. The company Eduard can do better?!


    And now, 3 hours later:

    I'm sitting now in front of complete built fuselage, I look to the wing and to the fuselage and I think, this model isn't right. The wing is attached in only. There is something wrong ...

    Then I searched all my drawings, documents, books from U.K., USA, Germany, and fotos copies and also too in the Internet. Since more than 35 Years I have collected many many infomation from aircrafts of WWII.

    The result:

    The original wingspan is of the Version G-6 is 9.92 m (up to 9.93 m)
    The original length of the fuselage is 8.94 m (up to 8.96 m)

    And this means, in 1:48 scale:

    Wingspan: about 20.60 cm
    Fuselage length about: 18.60 cm

    All modern Hasegawa-kits are more correct (with some minimum difference)

    BUT: EDWARD Bf 109G-6:

    Wingspan: 21.3 cm
    Fuselage length: 19.3 cm

    The aircraft fuselage is too long in the rear region (ca. 1,5 mm) in cockpit area 3mm and engine area with more than 1mm, by more than 5 mm in summary(!),
    and the wing is too long at both ends, about 3mm.

    I am very disappointed.

    Picture find here:

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