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Modeling on vacation-the Arizona experience

Just flew in from Tucson, Arizona, and boy, are my arms tired. Went out there to visit my brother and his wife, and of course, had to find a way to work models into it. Can’t survive a week without the glue, as you all well know. My sonny-son Kyle was with me, and it happens my brother builds amazing World War One R/C planes too. A trip to the Hobby-Town on Speedway boulevard followed (love that street name), where Kyle picked up the new Revell 1/48 Stearman. My brother had a Williams Brothers Le Rhone engine model, and a Dragon JS-2 Stalin I had sent him years ago. The Stalin was mostly assembled, but the individual link tracks had stopped him. That’s my meat, and it was done in one evening, surrounded by empty Bud bottles. Next day it was sprayed with Testors glass bottle enamels and striped with kid’s acrylics. Kyle built the engine in two nights, and I slapped some paint on it with brother’s airbrush. So below are the photos of the LeRhone on a custom photo background, and the Stalin prowling an Arizona backyard in search of Lizards, not Panthers. Next will be an installment on the R/C flying outing, and most of the 255 pics I took were at the Pima Air Museum, featuring some REAL good stuff.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

15 responses to Modeling on vacation-the Arizona experience

  1. Thanks for the picture posting, the Spad looks great!

  2. Looks like fun in the sun.

  3. Been to Pima many times. My son lives just south of Tucson (Sahuarita) and I make him take me out there each time I visit. Lookin’ forward to your Pima pics in the “museum” group.

  4. Bud? I thought you were a beer drinker! 🙂

  5. cool fun…bud rules

  6. Sounds like you had a blast Bill. I learned in college that Bud makes very part of my body hurt. As for other the other brands, once you’ve “experienced” the beer brewed at the monastery at Wildflecken Germany, the rest is just foamy dish water….;-)

  7. Bill, that’s what I call aggressive modeling. Well done! Sounds like it was fun as well. Good posting, and thanks!

  8. Bill here’s to cool static models, flying models and to real Budweiser (Samson) brew…like the Munich Monk brews…Great stuff!

  9. Bill,
    Very nicely done. Sounds like great family time together. If I had done that SPAD I would be afraid to fly it.

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