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And now for something completely different! Scale 1/43

Hi folks, just thought I’d show you what I’ve been working on recently, these are 1/43 scale coaches built from Ian Kirk Plastic kits. Most railway coaches are made up in sections and the real things were built in the same way, the railway companies would put sections together to suit the type of coach they required so they would put a 3rd class section in and then maybe a1st class section so this way they could put together whatever type of coach they would need, Ian Kirk has used the same principle in his kits you get a bag of sections to make the coach you want. You also get a vac-formed roof and a basic underframe and you add as much detail as you want to put into it. So it’s a case of part kit and part scratch-built so you get the coaches you want and the level of detail you want.

For those of you who might want to know what the coaches are they are as follows, BR( ex LNER) 61′ 6″ Corridor brake composite 1st/3rd, BR( ex LNER) 52′ 6″ Corridor brake third, BR( ex LNER) Corridor 7 Compartment Third and finally BR(ex LMS) Period 2 Non-corridor brake third.

So here you go the 4 coaches I have just completed, please let me know what you all think I’m open to all comments and questions you might have.
Now to get some other modelling in hope you like these coaches again something different I’ll try and put some more models up for everyone.
Thanks for looking Steve.
PS. sorry for the rubbish pictures.

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17 responses to And now for something completely different! Scale 1/43

  1. I like them. Is 1/43rd N-Scale? Are they for a layout or static display & what engine will they be coupled to?
    Wel done.

  2. Hi Al,
    There ‘O’ scale there about 18″ long, I built them to run on a layout being hauled by pretty well any loco that ran on British rails from the steam era through to the diesels.
    Thanks for your comments.
    Regards Steve.

  3. 18″….??!! They’re a lot bigger than I’d first imagined. Nice work, Steve (and if ya wanna see ‘rubbish’ pictures, look around a little harder) – 🙁

  4. Thanks Craig your comments are much appreciated but I still think my pictures could be better.

  5. Oh boy just what we need, another train nut (just like me)! Great job on the cars, I’m guessing the prototypes are considered “heavyweight” passenger cars from the pre-war years. Really fine detail especially the dreaded vacuform roofs. I hope you’ll post more pics of your railway stuff, it’s good to see something “different”.

    • Hi Mike, thanks for the kind words, looking at your CV notice you like those floaty boaty things that makes two of us. I’m trying to ind some bench space for my 200th scale Bismark complete with the MK1 full detail sets (a Christmas present from my other half).
      Regards Steve.

  6. Nice work there Steve, on a subject not so well represented on model forums.
    Look forward to seeing more of your work.

  7. very enjoyable to look at…same color scheme as Pollocks Warsaw tram…interesting

  8. Great models, AND you can play with them when you’re done! Does it get any better than that?

  9. Impressive work, Steve, especially in building four of these kits. Having been a railway modeller until recently I know how much effort has gone into these, building a coach is just is as much work as constructing a locomotive.

  10. Very nice coaches – what is going to pull them?

    • Hi Chris, thanks for the good comments, not sure what will be used but they could be put behind quite a large selection of loco’s could be used in the period between 1950 through to 1965. Spoilt for choice really and thanks for looking.
      Kind regards Steve.

  11. They would look great behind my recently bought Bassett-Lowke BL99024 Flying Scotsman 60103 O Scale Locomotive. Can the cars have 3-rail contact for lighting interior?

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