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Monogram 1/24th scale ’53 Corvette


This is a model of the Monogram ’53 Corvette that I built for my vintage ’53 Dad. I started building this model for him when I was 16, which was 22 years ago! I have been carrying it around with me throughout the years and finally I was at a point where I was able to finish it and do it justice!

The finish on the body was my main hold-up. In fact, that was the only hold up! I detailed the dashboard with a fine brush and a steady hand as a teenager, as well as bending some aluminum tubing to replace the kit’s plastic exhaust pipes coming out of the exhaust manifold. My original attempt at painting the body ended up with a horrible orange peel finish, and every attempt to sand and repaint made things worse, until I eventually lost pretty much all surface detail on the body. I asked Revell (they own Monogram now) for a replacement body and they graciously sent me one, so I had a fresh body to paint on.

I primed it with silver Krylon spray paint, and then airbrushed a few coats of Model master gloss white, followed with some buffing and polishing using plastic polish cream. When all that was shiny and dry, I masked around the chrome trim and shot some Testors silver enamel through my airbrush. Finally when all that was finished, I glued on all the lights and bumpers and extra details.

Apologies for the low quality of the photos, but they were hastily taken with my cell phone right before boxing it up and mailing it off to my Dad. These images were taken just in case it didn’t survive the post office I would at least have something to show. Fortunately, the model arrived in one piece, and now it’s on display in my Dad’s living room!

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

25 responses to Monogram 1/24th scale ’53 Corvette

  1. 1953…..the first production model of the venerable Corvette. Wow…look at the width of those tires. I’m surprised you could still GET another body for that kit. I bet dad wishes he had a real one, huh? Big bucks now! Probably coulda bought one for like two or three thousand back then. Nice work.

  2. Nice work Ramon, it is also good to see companies respond to requests for spares for such an old kit as well.
    Done your Dad proud mate.

  3. Ramon, what a great story, and a great job on that old kit. I bet your Dad is really grateful, and proud of you! The first Corvette, with I think what Chevy called the “Blue Flame Six”? I might be off on that, but seem to recall something similar. Wow, that really is amazing that Revell were able to supply you with a new body for the model, that is something. I can remember in the past having similar problems with missing or damaged parts on Monogram and Revell kits, and they being happy to send a new one. These have always been good companies. Many thanks for posting.

  4. great job and gesture

  5. Very cool car and a cool son who saw the project to it’s completion after all that time. I bet your Dad was glad to get it. Looks great to me.

  6. Great story, great model!
    And … I made the same experience when restarting after +20 years: somehow things go more smoothly.

  7. Glad to see you rose to the challenge & ended up with a fine model.
    A slick gloss coat can be hard to achieve & white is one of the harder colors to do it with.
    Yours came out great.

  8. car buff, but I have to say be best word I can use to describe that model is “exquisite”
    I find it hard to believe that is not real chrome on the grille and windshield frame…

  9. I meant to say…”I am not much of a car buff…”…darn laptop keyboard is finicky – great model! and story!

  10. Cool story, cool car and cool model. You and your Dad must be very pleased. I always forget how different the first Corvettes looked from the later 60’s and 70’s models.

  11. Hard to believe that one of these ’53 Vettes was built with a station wagon body, I’m not sure what market the boys at Chevrolet were aiming for.
    Nice clean build of an American classic, great interior.

  12. Nice work Ramon, looks stunning.

  13. Ramon,
    I bet your father is thrilled with this gift. Beautiful model of a beautiful car. Outstanding job on this.

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