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Zvezda SU T-50 PAK-FA 1/72

This build was a nightmare to build – lots of rescribing, putty works, scratchbuild, riveting, but at the end I was very pleased with results.

Painted with Vallejo Acrylics, aftermarket parts: Neomega cockpit interieor, Begemot decals.

14 additional images. Click to enlarge.

18 responses to Zvezda SU T-50 PAK-FA 1/72

  1. A lot of work and an excellent result!

  2. Nice camouflage and very clean build, I like it!

  3. that’s one cool looking plane

  4. The photos compliment the intricacy of your workmanship, Milan. Very nice build. Perhaps you could add one more photo that includes a “common object” in order that one may have an idea of the size of this model in 1/72nd scale.

    • Unfortunately, this model is not in my possession anymore so I cannot take any new photo, but I found one on my computer taken on a cutting mat, which maybe will give you an idea of model’s size. I have attached image to the gallery.

  5. That’s a smart looking jet! Very nice build!

  6. Very nice work on this.
    Interesting to see how, if you plug in the same performance parameters in the CAD design package, you get a similar shape (paint the F-22 like this, or this like the F-22, and you’ll see what I mean).

  7. Great job on a very interesting new plane. I’d kill for a good kit of this a/c in 1/48.

  8. Not all kits are “shake n bake”, Milan. I think you really showed off your modeling skills on this one. It came out beautiful, not because the kit was good, but because you did a lot of work, and achieved your goal. Kudos !

  9. Fantastic Job Milan, and such a good looking Beast to boot and i love the camo scheme.
    Well Done and Bravo

  10. Exceptional build Milan. Camo looks like the disruptive splinter camo used on WWII ships.

  11. Milan,
    Thanks for sharing this most interesting and attractive build. This one looks more like the Northrop YF-23 than the Lockheed F-22, more “spread out fore to aft”, and I think that makes it more attractive than the F-22. You certainly overcame the obstacles you had, and produced a stunning model. Well done!

  12. Great skills and patience. Terrific looking build.

  13. Nice build and a striking paint scheme there Milan.
    Well done sir.

  14. Great build ! the result is fantastic ! I have the revell kit in stock…and I wish build mine like yours !

  15. Very clean build, Milan, it’s definitely a dramatic looking plane.

  16. Milan,
    Very nicely done

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