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1/48 Hasegawa Bf 109G-6 with Tamiya BMW R 75 motorcycle

September 21, 2014 · in Aviation · · 34 · 2.6K

This is the Bf 109G-6. I added a cockpit from Cooper Details, Instrument panel from Eduard, seat belts from Eduard, prop and spinner from Fusion, wheels from Cooper details. The paint is Tamiya mixed RLM 74/75/76 in the Erla pattern. The BMW R 75 is stock Tamiya. The figure that represents Hermann Graf was cobbled together using the legs from the Tamiya kit, torso from Eduard, Head from Edward, hands and forearms from my parts box, and upper arms from Eduard.

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  1. I must say I am a bit worn out on 109's but the camo scheme on this one is very interesting, zig-zags and scalloping? Cool. And you did a great job on the bike/rider combo, posed very naturally. The Frankenstein surgery paid off!

  2. Thank you, Bill. There is certainly a glut in the 109 market but I like them and there are a lot of cool paint schemes but even I get tired of them after a while. Got a Hellcat on the bench now.

  3. Nice work John on both the plane and the figure.

  4. Good display, John, and the way you made up the figure is great.

  5. Nice scene John! The first two photos look pretty close to identical. Very nice match to the photo.

  6. John,
    Great job on the 109, m/c, and especially the figure. It makes for a very interesting mini diorama.

  7. Thank you Alan. I like trying to replicate a photo. I can't always get it exact but sometimes I get close.

  8. Very nice John, very nice. And well presented.
    California Steve

  9. John, that is one sharp 109, and i have to say I never get tired of seeing them. The base and figure on the motorcycle adds a lot of interest along with the wartime photo. Outstanding work,

  10. John, I'm with Gregor when it comes to the 109-very nicely done all around.

  11. Absolutely awesome build. Good representation of the photo depicting the scene during the war!

  12. Well representative of the photo, John.

  13. Great work John, the resemblance between the photo and the diorama is superb.
    Nice build and finish.
    Well done John.

  14. Great overall presentation. Never have seen that stepped camo pattern before.
    Well done.

    • thank you, Al. This is the factory scheme from the Erla plant. Regensburg and WNF both had distinctive schemes also. The most represented in the 109G-6 seems to be the WNF splinter scheme. I have managed to collect 8-10 good photos of the Erla scheme. I like it because it is quite distinctive and not modeled often.

  15. Hi John - you captured that photo really well! Great use of the motorcycle and great work on the figure as well (not to mention the 109). Great vignette and very cool to see it mirroring a photo so well. Great job!

  16. Ah yes...I remember now - many of your builds are in the same form [a diorama] based on a photo. You certainly have a knack for bringing out the details in your presentation. Nicely done, sir.

  17. thank you, Craig. I do like trying to replicate a photo

  18. Well done John, your models, figure, and presentation are all excellent.

  19. And not a single sheep was used in making this diorama!

    I have seen this 109 in person and the pictures do not do the paint scheme justice. John nailed it! Very nice build. The airfield grass and display are very well done too. John just might, and I say again might, know what he is doing!

  20. And then again, Kelly, I just might not. Thank you for the comment sir.

  21. Perfect 109, especially the curvy camo on the wings, presented in a nice
    diorama, very well done.
    The guy on the photo is Hermann Graf ? He led this unit.

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