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Zvezda model kits

Yak 3 in 1/72 Revell (Zvezda)

After spending way too long on the last couple of builds (mostly do to self-inflicted problems and mistakes) I wanted something quick and easy, so scanning the stash, the Yak jumped out at me. Apparently you can do it as a snap-together [...]

Su-25 Zvezda 1/48

1/35 - Kamaz 43509 - Rally Dakar 2019Zvezda kit

Hello, I guess I can call it a finished model. Some knowledge about the construction, there are about 3 things in the model that do not match the original, there are about 5 mistakes in the instructions that I found... Used parts from [...]

Zvezda 1/48 Mi-24 Hind, Croatian Air Force

I was wondering if I could make decent effect of launching flares. For this project I chose well known Mi-24 HIND, and Zvezda was logical choice of manufacturer. I decided to ditch provided decals and go with markings of Croatian Air Force [...]

ZVEZDA 1/48 Mi-8T Aeroflot Arctic Transportation

One of my favorite helicopters and I've been waiting for a long time for a decent and affordable kit in 1/48 scale. As soon as Zvezda issued this kit I had to order one. My father used to fly Mi-8 for a while (Croatian Air Force Transport [...]

1/48 ZVEZDA Su-25 Frogfoot (Grach)

I don't choose my models, they choose me. I see a picture in my head and try to make it happen. Some time ago I saw a video of Frogfoot firing unguided rockets and had to put all my projects aside until I recreated what I saw. Zvezda was [...]

U.S. M3A1 White Scout Car (1/100)

Zveda's M3 Scout Car (6245) Another 1/100 "quicktime" project. And once again, building the base took much more time than the model itself😄 I really like the White scout car and halftracks because of their shape and [...]

Soviet SU-76M Soviet SPG (1/100)

Soviet SU-76M (Zvezda 6239) I´ve planed to fix this project within two days- As a small New Year's challenge 😉 Didn't quite work, the processing of the base took too much time... However, quite a nice kit and for it´s size quite good [...]

E-50 Flakpanzer w. 5,5cm FlaK55, Germany in late 1945- What-If/1946

E-50 Flakpanzer (Trumpeter, 07124) One of the biggest mistakes of the Trumpeter box art is that they always show their 1/35 models on it, therefore, the content doesn´t quite match what is shown. The kit doesn´t contain many parts and is [...]

1/48 Mi-24P Hind F, Belgorod Raid, 1 April 22

I snapped this up from Sprue Brothers right before the sanctions were in place, so this may be one of the last Zvezda models I (or anyone else, for that matter) do for a while. It was in the mail when the war started and arrived on my [...]