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700th scale Ashigara heavy cruiser.

I built this about four years ago. I bought the Fujimi kit with etch as a change of pace from aircraft modelling intending it to be a quick build OOB. Err no, I got totally immersed in the subject and scratch built and bought additional etch from Lion Roar and White Ensign.

The splinter shields on the secondary armament were made from tea light cases. The aircraft had clear cockpits made from sprue. The boats were either enhanced with wire or were converted from some German ones I had. The masts were scratch built from brass and the barrels from micro tubes.

Thanks for looking.


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10 responses to 700th scale Ashigara heavy cruiser.

  1. Being an aircraft builder myself, and having delved into the “floaty things” every now and then (as well as armor), as a ‘change of pace’, as you put it, I can attest from my limited experience in such things Naval, nothing is a “…quick build out of the box..”. I’ve heard it said that ALL ships are a WIP, even if you think you’re done. However, being basically lazy – yes, I admit it – I don’t go overboard [ pun intended ] with a lot of aftermarket stuff nor do I drive myself bonkers with all that rigging or extensive photo-etch (which I always manage to bend incorrectly) nor have I attempted the acrylic/gel “fake” water stuff. I’ve done a handful of boats over time that happened to catch my eye for one reason or another, and you can see them all here on iModeler if you search my builds.
    Looks like yours turned out well, Robert…..I like it.

  2. Well I think all modelers are a bit loopy, but you 1/700 ship guys are in a class of mental imbalance all to yourselves. That is some nice bit of micro-work there. The planes are especially amazing. Well done all round. The Ashigaras are among my fave ships. I have a Haguro (1/350 of course) about half done, I should really finish.

  3. Amazing Rob, I can say guys i have been up close to this Model and the Photo’s dont do it justice Beautifully Crafted Mate well done as per usual
    cheers Rob

  4. This is a general trend for ship modellers. Looking for that little bit of extra detail to add. I can remember doing this for the Tamiya 1/700 KGV so I know exactly what Rob is talking about. The end result is always satisfactory as well.

  5. Outstanding model Robert, I’m not a ship builder but can appreciate the skill and effort you have put into this awesome model. Fantastic!

  6. Looks like the “tiny fingers” have done their work here & returned to the tool box till the next time.
    Really nice. Having built just a few ships & none to this level of detail I know what was required to get this result.
    Outstanding is all I can say Rob.

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments. I’m one of those obsessive people where the fiddlier the detail the more I like it.

  8. Very fine looking model, Robert, amazing amount of work, how long did it take to build?

  9. Robert,
    Hard to believe how small this ship is and the magnificent job you did on it.
    Beautifully done.

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