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Battle of France/Battle of Britain Group Build.

Right then! Its official. The second iModeler group build is the Battle of France/Battle of Britain hosted by yours truly (Gawd Strewth). This group build has something for everyone. Aircraft, vehicles, boats, ships, and figures. All scales and all skill levels. As long as it is related to the Battle of France or the Battle of Britain, it counts. Hey, if you want to model the aircraft used in the Movie “The Battle of Britain”, it counts. If you want to model the Revell “Spitsfire” or “Messa-Schnitzel” in BoB markings, it counts. If you want to post a video of you doing your best Micheal Caine impersonation, it counts.

Group build starts now and ends October 31st. Please reply to this post if you are in then post your progress in our dedicated Group Build area:

Please do not post finished projects until October 31st. Feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns. Its on now lads.

31 responses to Battle of France/Battle of Britain Group Build.

  1. I’m in but there are so many choices I need one of you to tell my senior addled brain what to build.

  2. Well Al, I cannot choose for you but I can give you some advice. 1) Choose a side. 2) Choose a subject (plane, vehicle, figure, etc). 3) Choose a type. 4) Choose a scale. 5) Build it. By the way, you can build as many models as you choose, so long as they are Battle of France/Battle of Britain related.

  3. Thank you, Seamus and Martin, for organising this, it’s the obvious choice, and I’m sure it will be very popular. I’m definitely in, and I think I will go for a French tank, Tamiya do a 1/35 kit for the B1 bis which looks good, if I’m able to get one here then I’ll start a thread.

  4. I’m definitely in, but I generally don’t post WIP pics, so I WILL wait until Halloween to post my build(s). Looking forward to this….should be fun.

  5. I’m thinking of doing a 1/48 Stuka – I posted comment in the GB section (sorry if this is a “repeate please” moment! 🙂 ) This should be good eh?! Tally –ho!!!

  6. On second thought – if we are all to present the completed models at the same time, perhaps the 15th September – Battle of Britain day would be the right time to start the presentations? For those that are ready that is 🙂

  7. I’m in, gonna take my inspiration from Joe Caputo’s terrific Schnellboot and do the Airfix RAF rescue launch ,liberated from Mark H’s formidable stash -cheers Mark.
    See ya soon with first pics ,N.

  8. Build should be OOB or aftermarket is allowed?

  9. OOB or aftermarket, its your choice.

  10. Well count me in, I am sure that I can find something(s) in my stash, or slip into the stash without SWMBO finding out.
    Not sure what yet though.

  11. Looks like we are off to a good start. Success of this group build (or any other group build) is based upon participation. Lets make it a good one. I am glad to see that George is doing a vehicle and Neil is doing a boat. The Battle of France and the Battle of Britain are more than aircraft and I am happy to see some variety.

  12. I’m in for sure – not sure with what yet. But I’ll definitely be doing an aircraft of some sort. Looking forward to participating in my first GB!

  13. Count me in, too. I’m contemplating something French, like the D.520. Saw a second-hand Tamiya kit the other day in a local hobby store

  14. Count me in red leader Tally Ho Tally Ho

  15. Strewth is REALLY cool.

    What did he fly and where can I find the specifics of his mount as I’d love to do it up proud? Thanks in advance for any goodies y’all can provide. .

    • Well I do not know if you are serious or not, but here goes. “Gawd Strewth” is not a person but one of those lovely English colloquialisms used when one is usually exasperated. It means God’s truth and is used the same way as when someone says “For God’s sake”. The person pictured above is the fabulous actor Sir Micheal Caine as Squadron Leader Canfield from the movie “The Battle of Britain”. Though there is a scene in the movie where he flies a Hawker Hurricane, most of the time he flies a Spitfire Mk.V (made to look like a Mk.I) for No. 6 squadron with the code letters CD*E. That is about all the information I have for now. Maybe some of our fellow iModelers in the U.K. can shed a little more light on the subject.

      • The squadron codes used in the movie are all Ficticious, and 6 Squadron, although refered to in the film did not take part in the BoB – they were based in Egypt & Libiya in 1940 flying Lysanders, and latterly Hurricanes. If modeling subjects from the movie i’d watch the film and replicate what you see on the screen. Most of the Spitfires used in the film are later marks “disguised” to look like Mk 1’S and are predominantly Mk IX’s. Lastly the actor in the picture isn’t Michael Caine its Barry Foster who played Squadron Leader Edwards. They both have blonde wavy hair in the film and look quite similar tho’.

  16. I’m in as well! “Spring Chicken to shite hawk in one easy lesson!”

  17. “Battle of Britain” is one of my all time favorite movies! I still have a couple of ideas to continue the BoB movie theme, but if I might add a bit of inspiration:

  18. Hi mate. I’m in please. 🙂 It’s one of the best subjects, one of my favourite Ww2 eras. I’ve got a heap of 1/48 kits done, 109s, Spits, a Defiant, hurricane, D520, Potez, Ju87, Hs126, Bf110, Do17, etc etc….

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