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1/72 Modelsvit Beriev Be-12PS

December 2, 2020 · in Aviation · · 15 · 2.5K

This is the Beriev Be-12PS built straight from the box with one of the decal options that come with it. It is not an easy build, as any Modelsvit large plane is. However the subject for me is a very interesting , that only the /Soviets (and maybe Japan/China) kept alive, the military . Colour is Humbrol 147 as suggested by the kit instructions. The box and instruction contain a nice photo of the actual Ukrainian example in the decal sheet, which is very helpful in building the model. There are also a good amount of online photos of this aircraft.

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  1. Nice build of an unsual subject, congratulations!
    Nice little details, like the exhaust stains on the tail, take it to the next level.
    Thumbs up!

  2. Gordon, this is an amazing build of such an imposing plane!
    There's such a lot of quality work in your build and it definitely shows.
    A difficult build and a painting/weathering challenge. You did so well!
    It's a model rarely seen build.
    P.S. I keep on looking at the windscreen wipers...attention to detail at its best!

  3. High quality build with a high standard of paintwork and detail.

  4. When you've got it,flaunt it.
    Some real strong work of a kit that is not often shown on these pages. Gordon, cold we see some more photos of this eye candy ?
    Two thumbs up.

  5. That's gorgeous! Love the paint and finishing work. I'm with you - I built the old Revell Be-7 Madge - just love those gull wings, twin tails and distinct nose profiles. Beriev has great float-plane design!

  6. Wow, that's even uglier than a pre-WW2 British flying boat! 🙂

    Great work on it, very realistic final result and I really like the paintwork.

  7. Excellent work, Gordon. Your Be-12 came out great.

    I built this kit when Modelsvit first offered it; not knowing the quality of this company, I was very pleased to find that Modelsvit puts out great kits. I was especially pleased that the kit came with window masks, which made masking all of the oval-shaped fuselage windows a breeze.

    The big Beriev Be-12 is a very interesting aircraft, descendant of a long line of flying boats made by Beriev. The Be-12 was designed to hunt submarines, and is even equipped with a bomb bay (located just behind the step). The are videos on YouTube that show an open bomb bay, looking from the interior of the fuselage...well worth watching.

    These Beriev Be-12's are an interesting aviation subject; yours came out great, and I appreciate you posting it for the rest of us to see.

  8. Beautifully done, nice to see flying boats built.

  9. A high quality build, Gordon.
    You turned this ugly looking plane into a beautiful looking one.
    The paintwork is great.

  10. Thank you everyone who made a comment, I didn't imagine it would attract such interest. I have added some more pictures while still in construction.

  11. Hello Gordon,
    What a very special model. I like the design very much.
    Constructed to perfection. My compliments.
    Regards, Dirk

  12. Flying boats are my favourite subject build.
    This one I hear is very difficult to put together from what I have read.
    Some day perhaps...
    Beautiful work you did.

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