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Hawker Typhoon 1b

Hi Yawl, Finished at last my little addition to the D-Day Build, the Hawker b1 in scale

originally i was going to build the MPM A-20G Havoc but got completely bogged down with that one plus as per MPM's usual kits it had the odd little niggle here and there to be fair the kit is quite nice good surface detail good internal details plus the inclusion of some really nice coloured photo etch for the cockpit, and again to be honest the fit was ok well it was up to the point i kinda lost my Mojo with it, as hard as i tried to make progress with it i got nowhere so i decided to shelve it and do something else and because i had left it a bit late to start something to complicated and long winded i searched through the stash looking for something simple and straight forward with black and white stripes all over it so i came up with this little gem its dead simple no vices at all really hardly any filler and to be honest hardly any cockpit detail either apart from the usual basics but adequate for a quick build which is what it was after a couple of evenings it was pretty much ready for paint the fact that it took me another two weeks to get round to that part of the build which is my favourite bit is neither here nor there!.

All camouflage done freehand with Aqueous Mr Hobby Acrylic's, my biggest dilemma was in deciding to mask the stripes or try to do a convincing job of making them look hand painted so after much deliberation and internet searching for decent photos of invasion stripes on typhee's i decided to mask as time was running if not run out as the dead line was only a couple of days away and there was no way i was going to finish the paint job, and i didn't as work and other things got in the way, so here we are a phew weeks later but late's better than never as the saying goes.

One of the things i did try to do was make the camouflage show through the strips here and there which i managed to achieve until i started to weather it and the slightly visible demarcation lines became lost the only place you can see through the white wash is where you can just make out the Aircraft serial number under the white wash.

Ok Guys Hope you like it like i said it was a pleasure to build.

Enjoy and Thanks


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  1. Very nicely done Mark. I didn't even think to let the numbers show through the invasion stripes like yours. Wish I would have, looks good.

  2. Mark,
    Beautiful job on your baby Tiffie. Looks more like 1/48! And Al is right, that is a nice subtlety about the numbers showing thru the white stripe. Thanks for posting.

  3. very nice Mark - would have thought it was 48th if you hadn't mentioned the scale. I really admire your weathering work - looks well-used, but not overdone. Now let's see that A-20 when it's done!

  4. A real little beauty, Mark. Nicely weathered, etc., everything done just right !

  5. I'll agree with the others here, there is some cracking detail on a small scale! Very smart build mate!

  6. Hi Mark, shame about the A-20, but the Typhoon more than makes up for it, really nice finish on this.

    • Hi George, yes i know the A20 was coming on great then i went away from it for a while and just couldn't get back into it id just lost the enthusiasm for it i suppose, its not the first kit iv abandoned half way through and im sure it wont be the last i think we all have a shelf of doom with a few half made up kits on it.
      Cheers George

  7. Cheers Guys Thanks for the very nice comments


  8. Spot-on, George. Your free-hand camo beats my airbrush camo by miles. Professional work..

    • Cheers Bob, i put it down to the Airbrush i use a Harder & Steenbeck Infinity 2 and i have just put a new needle and nozzle set in, i was using the smallest size they do a 0.15mm needle set and i am now trying out the 0.2mm set and i am having much better results plus i think i finally got the paint thinning trial and error scenario thing sorted out plus i dont think you can go wrong with the Gunze or Tamiya range of paints so now im getting better results its given me the confidence of trying out methods i would not have attempted before and dont forget the old adage practice practice practice

      Thanks for the complement



  9. Very nicely executed, Mark. I've always liked that aggressive, self-confident stance of the Tiffy on the ground.

  10. Really nice build Mark ,looking forward to seeing it for real.Thanks for taking part.N.

  11. Nice Tiffie Mark.
    Something brutal about seeing a fully loaded Typhoon.
    Well done Mark.

  12. A bloody awesome job you've done , sir! Very nice!

  13. Great Typhoon Mark, lovely paint job.

  14. Love it. Mean looking beast.

  15. As others have said, I'd have thought it was 1/48 if you hadn't said. Very nice work and an excellent finish.

  16. +1 more for 1/48th! I was just commenting over on the general modeling page how much I admire a well built 1/72 kit. People with great 1/72 skills are my only true modeling "jealousy" Super job!

  17. Nice clean build, superior paint and decal application.

  18. nicely done, and in the "proper" scale too. working on the brengun tiffy at the moment, i'll take inspiration from your build.

    • Cheers Roger, I think the Brengun one is a much more detailed kit i got my inspiration from the excellent book by Richard.A.Franks
      in the back is a section on the different available tiffy's in various scales not sure if the Brengun one is mentioned but its definitely worth a look
      Thanks for the kind words and good luck with your Tiffy
      Warm Regards


  19. Mark,
    This is absolutely stunning. Even more stunning considering the smaller scale. Like the Corsair, I have never seen a Typhoon I did not like. Yours is a remarkable example of a fine airplane done by an outstanding modeler. If you were here you would receive the two finger burger award. I love this.

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