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Making “The Battle of Britain”

June 12, 2014 · in Uncategorized · 16 · 0.9K

1967 promotional film narrated by Michael Caine about the making of the movie. Pretty cool to see the "real people" on the sets and locations (particularly the real Londoners for the bombing scene).

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  1. Thanks Tom. Interesting film about an interesting film!

  2. I was bummed when Netflix took it off their rotation before I could watch it again

  3. Well, with the summer approaching, how about a Battle of Britain group build?

  4. Guys: Look for the "collector's edition" of the movie. 2 DVD's. One DVD is the movie in full restoration and beautiful, the other is all the information about how they shot it - the air-to-air, everything else. That DVD is still out there, screw Netflix.

  5. They also filmed at RAF Duxford, about an hour's drive from me, In the film during a raid you see a hanger burning. They actually burned a hanger - by mistake, but kept in the footage.

  6. Totally agree with Tom, get the double disc. At the begining of the documentary Michael Caine stops people in the streets and asks them what they know about the BoB, given that this was shot in 1969, it was dissappointing to hear their vague responses.

  7. I can remember when I lived in Middlesborough back in the 1970s seeing the bomb damage still uncleared. Same at Manchester Victoria railway station with planks round a hole on a platform in the 1980s. It took a long time to clear up after the attacks.

  8. The copy of the DVD I got my Dad has this on it. (Sadly my copy does not.)

  9. I remember going to the movie when it was first released. Our club had decided to go as a group to the first showing in Minneapolis and we spent many hours discussing the film in the following weeks.

  10. Thanks for posting. Very interesting. Love the movie.

  11. One of my favorite flims! I was always fascinated with the aircraft used to fim the movie, especially the Hispanos and the CASAs Ifinally completed a series of models of the cast about a year ago

  12. Brilliant! Cant believe what a good job they did in those days, to make that movie. I think it couldn't be really bettered today. However with all the Spits and Hurricanes flying today, it would be very interesting to see a modern re-make. Also enough "Bf109" Buchons around, but are any of the Spanish built Heinkels still flying?

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