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Revegawa 1:32 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.1

July 19, 2014 · in Aviation · · 15 · 1.4K

My latest build...
The 1:32 scale Supermarine Mk.1, in fact it's a "mongrel" Revell parts and Hasegawa parts in one box sold under the Revell brand.
Let me tell you first that I do not like Spitfires, nor do I like P-51 Mustangs...
well the later models that is. The Mk.1 Spits look okay and so do the A,B,C Mustangs, but that's all... they look okay...
The reason that I've build this Spitfire is that suddenly got the strange urge/ craving ( if that is correct English), to build one.
I've build the old Revell Spitfire 1:32 in my younger years. (late '80s in the last century...)
and I wanted to build one again.
Looked for one but the ones I found were sold on e-bay and had to be send from the USA, which means high postal costs and tax as soon it hits Dutch soil...
So I had to turn to the "newer" Revell kit found here on a local Dutch secons hand site.

The Spit is done in a Battle of Britain "scheme". The codes provided in the box were not for a BoB plane, so I've looked on the Web for BoB Spits and made my own improvisations...
The kit is sprayed with Revell enamels. Camo is sprayed free hand, only used pencil to marke the borders of the green and brown. Kit's decals were used except for the roundels on the fuselage and underside of the wings, the letter F is cut from a letter H decal, tri-color in tail is sprayed ( blue looks to light on the pics), exhaust stains are sprayed ( rain streaks are done with enamels), Vallejo washes are used.

I've shot these pics today and noticed afterwards that I forgot to install the pitot! ( It's done now.)
The small oil cooler is the wrong shape thanks to the wrong instruction of Revell.

Best regards;

Ulrich Schütt

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  1. Nicely done Spitfire! By the way, the oil cooler is correct in shape, it is just that it is an oil cooler for a Mk.V. You should have left the front part off of it. I made the same mistake when I built this kit. As you said, it was the instruction sheet's fault. Funny, I have just acquired the "New tooled" Revell of Germany 1/32 Spitfire Mk.IIa and the same mistake with the oil cooler is there also. Don't seat the small stuff Ulrich, you did a bang up job on your Spitfire.

  2. said on July 19, 2014

    Fine work. Your hand-painting beats my airbrushing. Super.

  3. Yeah that's sweet. That exhaust streak effectis tough to replicate, yours looks good. Taxes sure are great anywhere on the globe, eh? We sure have our share in the US of A.

  4. You don't "like" Spitfires OR Mustangs...? A pox on you, sir! LOL

    Two of the finest airplanes ever designed/produced in their time.

    Nice job on your model, Ulrich. By the way, what did you use for that colorful "base" for your photography?

  5. Very fine work Ulrich, you've made a "show dog" out of your mongrel..;-).

  6. Very nicely built! But yeah, got to go with Craig, you don't like Spitfires or Mustangs? Sir, surely you jest! I built the Revell MkI Spit clasic kit, one thing it did have was rather a nice canopy with the flat sides but bulged or blown top section, which I think was correct for early Spits, anyone know when the full bubble canopy was introduced into service?

  7. A nice Spit, the sprayed camo pattern looks really good.This scale is great
    for WWII fighters.

  8. don't like mustangs...picky picky picky...fine job

  9. Likes, dislikes, who cares? You've obviously turned out a fine model, and I can only agree with the comments above.

  10. Ulrich,
    For someone that does not like Spitfires you have really paid homage to one. This is excellent. It is so good that I forgive you for not liking the Spit and the P-51.

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