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Staffordshire Moorlands 5th Annual Modelshow 2014

July 6, 2014 · in Show Reports · 14 · 1.7K

This was the first time I have attended this modelshow and a very enjoyable day was had by all who attended,there were a lot of familliar faces from clubs around the Northwest and also lots from clubs around the Midlands area whom I had not met before,there was quite a good selection of traders and the organisers are confident that this show will gain in popularity and I have no doubt that is true.

There were a lot of figures and busts in evidence including quite a few Iron men or should that be Iron mans ? and this seems to be a growing genre in the hobby.

The standard in the competition was high and I am happy to report that one of our iModelers ,namely your friend and mine Mark Housley esq won not one but two prizes,I included a picture of me and mark (he's the good looking one ) there were many categories in the comp including dioramas ,it was in this category that produced the little scene with the wild west characters being photographed which was one of my favourites of the day.

I hope you enjoy the pictures ,and i can recommend this show to you all .Thanks also to my friends at the 580 modellers for a great day but especially to Geoff Cooper-Smith and Dave Foxall for making it all possible.


P.S. take a close look at the WW1 tank in the first picture,the bridge and lifting gear is all scratch built !

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  1. A good variety of models there, Neil, thanks for sharing.

  2. Neil, thanks for sharing the photos of some excellent models, and congratulations to Mark on his awards in such tough competition.

  3. Always appreciate seeing some of the differences in show presentation & model subjects across the pond. Still holds true though that it doesn't matter where a well done model is from.
    Thanks Neil.

  4. Love the WNW D.VII and the camo'd B-29. Would love to see the rest of the Lightning whose tail is showing in the header photo.

  5. Some nice work there, Neil...good show, mate. The B-29, B-17 and Phantom stand out (at least to me).

  6. Thanks Neil, I wish I could have been there.

  7. Great talents on display there. Thanks for sharing.

  8. A great looking show. Nice to see so many figures, and the WWI tanks seem also to be growing in popularity.

  9. Looks like you had a good time there Neil. Thanks for sharing .

  10. I think it is pretty cool that your chapter of the IPMS provides you with shirts that have your names emblazoned on them.

  11. love that phantom (my old unit 1970)

  12. Someone did a top notch job on that "traction engine", an unusual build. The tanks were pretty neat too. Thanks for posting.

  13. said on July 10, 2014

    Hi all. I'm the guy who put together the wild west scene called "A rare shot". Thanks Neil for showing the photo. It took top Diarama prize and I was grateful for that, considering all the talent on the competition table. Hope you all like my model. John Scott.

    • Hi John, your very welcome, I'm not sure if your already in a club ,but if you'd like to get involved with 580 modellers please feel free to get in touch (It doesn't matter whereabouts you live) either via this site or through the 580 website, were always looking for fresh blood so to speak and I don't think we have a dio specialist.
      Cheers Neil.

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