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Lockheed F 104 C

August 24, 2014 · in Aviation · · 20 Comments

's scale rendition of Kelly Johnson's manned missile. This has to be the most colourful F 104 C ever. It depicts the first F 104 C that was delivered to Tactical Air Command at George AFB. I might be wrong, but I think it was given this colourful livery for a USAF gunnery meet whilst flown by Col. George Laven. Laven himself was the brainchild behind this paint job. I particularly like the white wall tyres!

The kit was a straightforward build OOB. I only added clear navigation lights from clear sprue and cockpit canopy bracing made from Evergreen stock. The natural metal is courtesy of various Modelmaster Metalizers and Alclad laquers.

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20 responses

  1. Holly Molly is that great Morne, Well done! I like everything you did on this build.

    California Steve

  2. Exquisite job, Morne...that's a beauty!

  3. That's a stunner. How did you keep yourself from weathering it?

  4. Morne, the fact that you got all those Hasegawa decals to work, rates you as some sort of wizard. 😉
    Really stunning result. Just gorgeous.

  5. frantastic work

  6. Fantastic looking model, Morne, that NMF finish is really good.

  7. Looks the part Morne, Great NMF `s and those decals. Must of been a pain.
    Well done sir

  8. Thanks Simon! The kit decals are great. I messed up the decal that wraps around the pitot tube and then had to paint it. The pitot was fashioned out of a needle with a Dremel tool.

  9. Looks great! Wasn't this plane named "Just George"? I seem to remember seeing that somewhere. Was the tail painted red with decals on top, or one big decal on each side?

  10. Hi Josh. She was called Really George. I painted the tail and used the white decals.

  11. Morne,
    You just continue to knock out masterful models. This is great.

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