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My name is Morne Meyer. I am a 49 year old History teacher from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Avid modeler since age 10. Very interested in aviation from WW II , Cold War, Korean War, Vietnam war to present. Mainly building US Navy and USAF aircraft in 1/48 scale. Favourite aircraft: A 1 Skyraider, P 38, P 47, P 51, P 61, Century Series, SAC bombers and ALL US Navy jets! GO NAVY!!! Member of IPMS South Africa.

Hobbyboss F-80 C Shooting Star “Saggin Dragon”

Although serving in small numbers towards the end of World War II, Lockheed’s pugnacious fighter made a name for itself as a fighter and strike bomber during the Korean War. To commemorate the start of the Korean War 70 years ago and to pay homa[...]

Westland Wyvern S. Mk. 4

During WW II the Royal navy invented a strange breed of aircraft called the torpedo fighter. One TF, the Bristol Beaufighter was a success but it was converted from an existing aircraft. Another, the Blackburn Firebrand, was purpose built for th[...]

South African Nationals 2018: Rotorcraft, Ships and Sci Fi

These categories had the fewest entries. The model of HMS Nelson is 1/350 scale and was built by master model builder Tony Collins but was not entered in the Nationals and only put on display. Sci fi was dominated by Star Wars figures and spacec[...]

South African Nationals 2018: Autos and Motorcycles

Unfortunately this category did not have many entries, which is sad since it is definitely one of the most colourful and eye catching categories.

South African Nationals 2018: Busts, Figures, Vignettes and Dioramas

These are some of my favourites from the South African Nats. Enjoy!

South African Nationals 2018: Aircraft

These aircraft were just some of the many models entered in the 1/72 - 1/32 scale classes. My Westland Wyvern 1/48 Trumpeter was awarded the best in show for 1/48 scale and my Huey Hog Gunship 1/35 Academy MRC for Rotorcraft. Jets best in show 1[...]

South African Nationals 2018

This Easter weekend the South African Nationals was held in Port Elizabeth. The venue was the SAAF Museum which consists of hangers dating from WW II. Our Nationals were very well supported with over 350 entries from most of the regional clubs i[...]

SAAF Harvard

If ever the SAAF had a love affair with an aircraft then it must be with the North American T6 Texan (Harvard). The T6, known as the Harvard in the RAF, served as the classroom for most Allied pilots who fought in WW II. Over a period of 25 year[...]

iModeler Award

The "Phantom" Airfix P 40 B finally arrived after having gone missing in the mail. Thanks again Martin for all the effort on your part to get my prize delivered!!! You have proved why iModeler IS THE BEST SITE ON THE WEB for us modellers and the[...]

SAAF F 51 Mustangs over Korea

War broke out in Korea on 25 June 1950 and on 4 August 1950 the South African government announced its intention to place an all volunteer squadron at the disposal of the UN. On 25 September 1950, 2 Squadron "Flying Cheetahs" sailed for Japan. O[...]