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My Monogram Crusaders

Since everyone is posting their Monogram F-8’s, I decided to throw mine into the mix. These have been posted before, so I apologize in advance for the re-runs.

First up is a Monogram F-8E converted to the later J model. I used Superscale decals to depict a CAG jet from VF-211 in 1975. Second is a Monogram F-8E, backdated to a DF-8A drone controller/utility aircraft based at the Naval Missle Center at Point Mugu, California in the late 1960’s. It takes a LOT of work to backdate any F-8E kit to the earlier A model, especially in getting the shape of the earlier nose correct. Mine is nowhere near perfect, but I was pleased nonetheless with the way it turned out.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

20 responses to My Monogram Crusaders

  1. Nice work on those, Drew. The big problem in backdating an F-8E to an earlier version is that the whole nose area from the cockpit forward is wider with the F-8E to provide room for the bigger radar it carried, slimming that down without major surgery is pretty much impossible. However, with yours, that is only apparent looking at it from above, and looking at it closely. the dark colored fuselage does a lot to distract the eye from that, and one really needs to be a “Crusader expert” to see it.

    Both of these are really nice models.

  2. Great job on those F-8’s, Drew….I especially like the “drone controller” version.

  3. Drew,
    Those are two very nice F-8s, beautiful job. I wonder if the Pt. Mugu bird was there the summer I worked in nearby Oxnard. I remember going to an airshow at Pt. Mugu during that time, late 1950s I believe. Many thanks for posting.

    • Thanks, Robert – I kinda messed up on the Bureau number of this jet. While BuNo 145326 was in fact built as an F-8A, my research indicates it was never converted to DF-8A configuration. The DF-8A stationed at Pt. Mugu in 1969 was BuNo 143693, if that helps.

  4. Terrific Crusaders Drew….I like them both. I’m not an expert so the nose looks fine to me.

  5. Both look great, but the one with the checkerboard is a stunner!

  6. Very sweet models Drew!

  7. Cool Crusaders, Drew.

  8. Drew,
    I belately add my compliments on these builds

  9. Amazing work, your Crusaders look excellent !

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