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How far can a LaGG-3 theme go……?

Not too far I betcha but let’s see for the helluvit. This too is the ICM kit and as Tom says it has a mishmash of early LaGG features, but oh well. To me this is one of the hottest looking of WW2 aircraft, all pointy and streamlined, too bad it was made of the same stuff pallets are made of. The pilots (AV8ers) couldn’t see much out of the lousy canopies either, not good for dogfighting. The ICM is a decent kit but the decals stink, mine fell apart hence the sprayed on “22’s”. The theme will be at least 3, I got another one…

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

15 responses to How far can a LaGG-3 theme go……?

  1. Very nice clean build Bill. It certainly shows off the beautiful streamlining. Does the Lagg cloesest to the head rail get to break…little pool hall humor there..yuk yuk

  2. Nice job, Bill….and even nicer pictures. Especially that belly shot – super.

  3. Looks great Bill. I think about everything the Russians designed & built were no frills, to the point machines.
    I enjoy building ICM kits, probably because I am not overly concerned with accuracy & the fact that they are generally over-engineered using at least three pieces to create one. Got s Spit IXe & German Ford truck in the works now.
    Hope mine can look as good as yours.

  4. Bill, they were Phu Khen AV8ers. 🙂

    Remember now?

    Nice model.

  5. I’ve got the kit. The box sucks, being flimsy and having open ends with the elephant ears for ends. The plastic is brittle, the instructions are passable, and I knew the decals were suspect. The price was right, when they first came out with this kit it was dirt cheap. The price was right. Bill, on the whole the kit looks very presentable and pretty darn good.

    I think some one is trying to Khan the board …

    Two thumbs up on this one.

  6. I built these ICM kits a few years ago, and although simple they do require that extra effort to bring them up to something like presentable. Your builds (and Tom’s) show what can be done to recreate the clean, rugged look of these Soviet fighters.

  7. Nice and clean, so my suspicion on the decals was right, sadly my favorite was on the sheet.
    Well done, time to start mine ( like all others too)
    Here is a nice link for MiG and LaGG fans:

  8. I see what you mean about the looks, Bill, you’ve made a lovely looking model.

  9. Magnificent. I love this colour scheme that the Russians used. Very good rendition of the LaGG.

  10. Thanks boys for the positive waves.

  11. Bill,
    Excellent job. Looks great.

  12. A very nice job Bill. Love the camouflage & the photos are great too.

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