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Meet your new modeling self

September 5, 2014 · in News · 21 · 1.5K

Almost two years ago I had a privilege of posting the very first article at iModeler and have been closely watching the development of this community ever since. I cannot tell you how excited I am about all the wonderful submissions to the Headlines that keep appearing at iModeler these days. To me, what we have here is the coolest, most worth following, most shareable scale modeling publication on the web today. Period. I'd like to extend my personal thanks to everyone for keeping me inspired every day, many times a day. It's addictive! Is it just me? How often are you visiting?

Your profile - updated

We have some exciting changes to iModeler ahead. The first one, available today, is the simplified member profile. They say that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, and nothing tells more about the modeler than the pictures of his work. For this very reason your profile page has been cleaned up, simplified and decorated with a selection of your recently added pictures. Have a look at my profile below or go to the red My stuff tab to check yours (you need to be logged in to view it).
(obviously my profile will not only show my models, but a variety of subjects depending on my recent writing as the editor)

Discover new friends

I like this new profile page a lot. Yesterday, I found myself spending a full hour browsing the Members tab and randomly peeking into individual profiles. With the new visual impact, each profile immediately tells a lot about the owner's modeling personality. The experience was fun and educational - feel free to give it a try. Chances are you'll be making more friends - and that's definitely a very good thing.

This is your own modeling blog - share it!

Looking at your profile, you will find a prominent link to your own modeling blog.

What, a blog?

If that's surprising, I'm rushing to explain. Besides being posted at the Headlines, all your writing here at iModeler is being collected on your individual page, which in turn is formatted as your very own personal blog. I have found mine at:

...and if you substitute "editor" in the above with your iModeler user id, you will be getting a lnk to yours.

The personal blog is something that not only may help you keep track of your modeling history, but is eminently shareable as a link - to friends, family, in social media, on other discussion forums, in an email signature.
Just a thought.

Last but not least, I you haven't posted at iModeler yet, all of the above is still ahead. Make your first post - it's worth it!

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  1. I'd noticed the "blog" thing a few days ago...I think this new format will work out great. Much easier/faster to check out what everyone is doing. Looking forward to "bigger and better" things in the future, Martin - thank you.

  2. I also noticed this new function, a few weeks (?) ago, when I wanted to refer to a narrative I'd included in a Headlines article several months ago. Finding it was quick and easy.

    Martin, we appreciate the innovative ideas you bring to iModeler. Thanks.

  3. I noticed this new function on my "re-entry" a few day s before, i guess it is great !
    And i agree, it is a really beautiful place, while getting the troubled start
    for my new business a bit behind, spending a lot of time every day on the PC and led iModeler running most of the time along.
    Well done Martin !

  4. Let me chuck my two pen'eth in , iModeller is a mainstay of my daily time on the computer,I know i've been a bit quiet of late bit I'm still there everyday checking out what's going on , I would like to see more new product information on a regular basis but this is still the best modelling community by a country mile and I've made some great friends Simon ,Seamus and Jaime in particular but lots of other guys as well so thanks to you all and keep it up ...iModeller I mean , not ...well you know what I mean ,Cheers Neil.

  5. same situation craig, but I don't think I'm good enuff to post pics yet

    • Don't be silly...let's see what you've done. There are all levels of modelers here. That's what iModeler is here for!

    • I'm 'not good enough' either but I post pictures anyway. Nobody at my house gets excited about my models (they're my wife and 11 year old daughter...) I get encouragement here...and...folks have offered very helpful advice, which I would not have gotten if I didn't post my pics. So go on Doug, jump in, the water's great!

      I look forward to cheering you on. - Ralph

    • I can only second what Craig and Raplh said, all models are good enough to be posted at iModeler! /m

    • I"m tagging on here also Douglas. My modeling skills have really improved by sharing and asking for tips and techniques. This is where the fun really starts. Like any hobby from painting to sculpting to basket weaving. We start and grow and learn. I have posted a few (glue bombs) in my time and have always received the most positive input and how to comments. You can't buy this kind of support.
      California Steve X glue bomber guy,

  6. Martin you are continuously moving this site in a positive direction. We of the electronically challenge owe you a lot for making this site so easy to use.

    Even after over 60 years of building I am constantly learning some new technique or approach on the WIP page. Some times the "Duh" factor kicks when I see an easier way to do accomplish what I have been doing the hard or wrong way for years. The two ways this site allows this to happen is to have the location in the first place & fellow members who willing share their knowledge & abilities.

    I think for the most part those of us who post can accept & welcome constructive criticism because we are all striving to become a better modelers.

    On a selfish note the only thing I would like to see broadened is more interest in automotive related subjects & that is not something you can control Martin.

    I got a little long winded here but I hope my opinions are always taken in a positive way.

  7. First, I'd like to confirm what the others have said about this site, a big thank you to Martin for what is a great addition to my modelling enjoyment. I look at iModeler most days even if I don't log in. I have noticed the new blog as well, maybe it could include not only the headline pictures, but also the things posted in the groups' WIPs?

    I'm with Al on the automotive theme, but, I guess, aircraft modelling is by far the most popular branch of our hobby, and this is reflected here.

  8. Yes I agree this site is great, Hooray for Martin and iModeler! To celebrate I am getting ready to post a big pictorial in the groups.

    You can then say "I saw it on iModeler first!"

  9. Thank you Martin. Being one of the new kids on the block I have really enjoyed sharing some of my modeling madness and seeing the really great modeling going on here. And making some new friends is the frosting on the cake.
    Thanks again,
    California Steve

  10. The site is a credit to you, Martin. My day would not be complete without a couple of visits.

  11. Hi Martin. iModeler continues to be the most enjoyable modeling site on the 'net. I belong to an IPMS group but it meets only once a month & this is not enough to suit me. With iModeler I can 'meet' as often as I like (which is several times a week). I can look back on many years of happy modeling & continue to enjoy sharing both my efforts & skills (such as they are). There's always something new to see & learn. Please keep it up as it just gets better & better.
    Cheers & a big thanks,

  12. A big thumbs up Martin, i'm on the site almost every day, even if its only for a few minutes at a time. Its the only site i'm interactive on as its so easy to do and the other members are all so responsive to the comments and articles posted.

  13. Great work Martin, finding this site has made life a lot more easier, the friendship and banter between every one is great. Not only does it bring some damn fine models to view but also shows that this hobby is world wide spread with excellent modelers.
    Everybody on this site has give both my wife and I a great boost in confidence.

  14. Thanks everyone for good comments! I will be taking them as input for our further work on improving the site.

  15. Pretty much what everyone else has said! This is a relatively new hobby for me but it is rapidly consuming most of my free time! Posting the finished models on here is so much more rewarding than merely putting them on the shelf!

    I have learned some fantastic techniques from other members and I greatly appreciate the tips and advice given. It's fair to say that you have an amazing bunch of people here!

    I didn't touch an airbrush from Xmas through to August as I had all my gear in storage due to an unexpected redundancy and relocation, however I still followed imodeler more than I did Facebook! Thanks for the great website Martin!

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