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Eduard Focke-Wulf 190 F-8first of the Schlacht trio

October 23, 2021 · in Aviation · · 32 Comments

Hi everyone,

Finally completed.
The first of a trio of Luftwaffe ground attack planes, this kit represents the machine of Major Theodor Nordmann, the Kommandeur of II./SG.3, in August 44, based in Riga, Latvia.
Painted with Gunze acrylics, oils and weathering pencils
Hope you like it

32 responses

  1. What an amazing Würger, Pedro @holzhamer
    Everything on this build is exceptional.
    The detailing, the paintwork, the detailing, all is WOW.
    No matter how much you zoom in on your pictures, every piece on this build is perfect.
    It was a pleasure to follow your thread and I'm looking forward to the Henschel

  2. A wonderful result, Pedro, now reaching the headlines.
    Excellent job allover, nothing less than @holzhamer excellence!
    Your build thread was, as usual, a total joy to follow,

  3. @johnb
    Thanks for compliments John. One thing I noticed when reviewing the post was that I knocked out both red rods that indicate landing gear down. Clumsy fingers handling the model during photo shoot…
    The Henschel and the Stuka will follow for sure

  4. Your, Würger really looks exceptional as @johnb said. Your airbrush camo and weathering techniques continues to amaze me and this one looks absolutely flawless. As in "fabulous".

    I know what you mean about those tiny red landing gear indicator rods. I purposely left them off for just that reason on that "Blue 4" I just finished. Now that your Fw has crossed the finish line, which of the two are you going to start up next?

    • Yeah, nothing too serious, just cut some more of that red painted stretched sprue and voilá!
      Eric, I’ll be pushing forward the Stuka for sure, but also getting parts of the 129 made inbetween

  5. A work of art, Pedro, you must be very pleased with the result.

  6. Liked it a lot my friend,congratulations!

  7. That is one excellent FW190F-8, super effort and fantastic model.

  8. Really exceptional build, @holzhamer, your paint and weathering work is incredible. All of it applied on a very well done and nicely detailed build. It just offers up so much to enjoy when you look at it!

  9. Beautiful paintwork. Eduard provides an excellent "canvas" and you have made the most of it, @holzhamer.

  10. Nice one. I too think your airbrush work is top notch on this. What is on the centerline? Is that a cluster bomb canister?

  11. That is a beautiful scale model @holzhamer! Great work with the paint and weathering, just a splendid example of an iconic warbird!

    • Thank you very much for the feedback Gary. The 190 is an iconic bird alright, and one that is see made by the thousands by the modelling community. I tried to do one that could be a touch different from the rest of them. Not an easy task I know

  12. Fantastic build Pedro! Your paint and detail work make a great base for what I see as convincingly realistic weathering. The work around the exhaust fairings, wing root weathering, and the depth of realism around the canopy framing are all of particular note, even though the whole thing presents beautifully.

  13. Great job, Pedro (@holzhamer). I'll add my "well done" on the painting and weathering.

  14. Really beautiful work Pedro @holzhamer Your paintwork on the camouflage scheme is outstanding!

  15. @dtravis Thank you for the kind words Dale! This one looks deceivingly average on the mottling but you caught that easily I see, cheers!

  16. another great one Pedro @holzhamer
    I have one FW-190 waiting... Will try to get it done as good as yours

  17. Fantastic paint and weathering work - a real beauty!

  18. Well done, Pedro. Been watching your progress with this on the GB. It has turned out looking very smart and business-like. colour scheme is first class, too... ;-).



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