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Sukhoi Su-34 Platypus

October 4, 2014 · in Aviation · · 37 · 3.7K

This is 's scale rendition of arguably the deadliest of the Sukhoi design bureau's fabulous Flankers. The side-by-side seating variants are radical developments of the original Flanker interceptor. The Su-27 IB, Su-32 FN and are dedicated tactical strike aircraft. The Su-32 FN is a dedicated maritime strike aircraft for the Russian Navy whilst the Su-27 IB and Su-34 will fulfil the strike role for the Russian Air Force.

My model depicts an Su-34, Blue 43, that was rolled out from Sukhoi's Novossibirsk plant in 1993, making its maiden flight on 18 December. The Su-34 is cleared to carry virtually the full range of Russian air-to-surface munitions. The aircraft has 12 hardpoints and can carry up to 8000 kg of weapons. My Su-34 is armed with two IR-guided AA-11 Archer air-to-air missiles, two longer-range radar-guided AA-12 Adder AAM's, three KAB series laser-guided bombs, two Kh-29L/AS-14 Kedge missiles as well as two AS-14 Krypton air-to-surface missiles. The Su-34's targeting and guidance radar is situated in the large tail 'sting'.

The model was completed OOB. has released an etched set for this model that would add more 'life' to it. The model was sprayed with Modelmaster enamels. Weathering was kept to a minimum as Blue 43 was the first pre-production Su-34. The kit is basic but the detail is acceptable for the scale of the model. The decals adhered well to Modelmaster decal setting solution.

The biggest challenge on this build was simulating the heat affected engine nacelles and burner cans, that is a hallmark of the Flankers. To achieve the desired look I used Modelmaster Metalizer paint.

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  1. Always wanted to build one of these, but never did. Yours turned out beautifully. Nice job and nice pics. well done.

  2. Awesome looking, Morne, especially those exhaust nozzles, Wow !

  3. Outstanding model of one ugly jet Morne. I sure wouldn't want a real one mad at me though.

  4. I love this plane ! nice colors!
    good job man !

  5. Nice work Morne ,I notice the crew access ladder underneith ,does the canopy not open in the conventional manner ?

  6. This is stunning! I love these aircraft, they look strikingly different the other SU's. It is certainly packing a big armament there! You have done an amazing job on this. The exhaust nozzles are very impressive, especially considering the scale!

    • Thanks Richard. I can't believe nobody has released the Su-34 in 1/48. The burner cans and engine nacelles were the biggest painting challenge on this build. Thanks again for the positive comments.

  7. Bis an die Zähne bewaffnet !
    Hi Morne a well done beast, looks great, the camo is sprayed freehand ? Come out very nice as well the burned NMF parts.
    The 1/72 scale is a perfect match for this bigger sized jets and there are some very nice kits out, Trumpy, for example about to do the "Flanker family" with all the export versions and two seaters.
    Got a Hasegawa/RoG Flanker in my stash, which will see my shelf sometimes.

    • Vielen Dank Bernd. She is armed to the teeth indeed. Camo was done freehand. I built her more than a decade ago! Can't wait for the Trumpy releases. In 1/48 they should be very impressive. I have the old Academy Flankers in my stash. Maybe I should give them some attention.

      • Trumpy released the Flankers in 1/72 with various sub versions and in 1/32 the Su-27 Flanker A, sooner or later 1/48 versions will done by their Hobbyboss label.
        With some TLC, or a good "filled" purse, you can do an incredible Academy Flanker. After figuring out, what my Aca. MiG-29 will need for a proper kit, i sold it...

        • Guten Morgen. The Academy Flankers are good. Only complaint is the wrong nose profile and cockpit that needs a resin replacement. Eduard brass is also needed. Importing all of that from Hannants will cost a lot taking into consideration the current £ / ZAR exchange rate. Our hobby has become rediculously expensive!

          • Are there any good hobby shops in your area ? Hannants is very expensive, as well as the hobby, some kits need a lot of stuff, to be look well, we have here in Germany a term, that is called "Groschengrab" a grave for the buck, that not only fits my car

  8. Impressive beast to say the least. Well presented on your part Morne.

  9. You've captured that deadly and evil look perfectly, Morne, and your work on the engine nacelles and burner cans really brings it to life, great job!

  10. Sure looks big Morne,and nice too.
    Great work on the burner cans and camo.
    Well done Morne.

  11. Morne,
    I wish I could add more adjectives to praise this model but I can't. I will just say that I have yet to see a model that you have done that I don't like. I'm going to have to settle by saying this is another outstanding model you have done.

  12. nice one! i especially like the exhaust section and the heated metal treatment!

  13. never saw one before love it gotta check so I can order one

  14. Very nice Morne. I'm not up on modern jets, my knowledge ends with the Foxbat (Mig 25?). This model reminds me a bit of the F-14 Tomcat. Well done.

    • Thanks Gregor. The Fulcrum and Flanker has similar intakes to the F-14 and F-15. Cold War industrial espionage is undoubtedly to blame for that. The Russian Flanker and Fulcrum came as a shock to the West since performance were on par if not better than most Western aircraft.

  15. Great Sukhoi, Morne! That is a fine looking airplane.

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