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Diorama Russian airplane СУ-34 "Fullback"

Saw on one of the sites an interesting diorama with an airplane and really wanted to try to do something similar. I took an SU-34 airplane and started working. Eyes are afraid, but hands do. And this is what came out of it. I think for the [...]

1/48 Hobby Boss Su-34 “Hellduck” NATO (Fullback)

Hobby Boss Fullback, Mr. Paint Colors, Eduard Brassin Wheels & Tires.

Su-34 Fullback

Hi again folks, just finished building Mr Putin's flying tank! This is the fairly new Hobbyboss 1/48 scale kit of the strike flanker and the first ever Su-34 in this scale. I waited ages for its release and eventually bought it back in [...]

Review: Hobby Boss 1/48th Su-34 Fullback review

Sukhoi Su-34 Platypus

This is Italeri's 1/72 scale rendition of arguably the deadliest of the Sukhoi design bureau's fabulous Flankers. The side-by-side seating Su-27 variants are radical developments of the original Flanker interceptor. The Su-27 IB, Su-32 FN [...]