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1721 Lockheed EC-130V Hercules USCG 1/72 Italeri Kit

November 11, 2014 · in Aviation · · 29 · 3.7K

This is a heavily modified from in using parts left over from a E-2 Hawkeye that was coverted to a C-2 Greyhound. Seemed a waste to have the radome spare and not use it on a Herc.
The pylon for the radome is scratch built out of platicard and putty along with all the other lumps and bumps. Lots of sanding, filling and filing required.

I don't think there were many of these Hercs with a dish on top built. Hard to find much reference. Two as far as I can make out. Another fun build and something a bit different for the collection.

(Additional photo used for reference courtesy of

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  1. One of the best C-130 i have seen build, very nice ! Your build could deserve some more pictures.
    Well done. Alastair 🙂

  2. Have to agree with Bernd. Very colourful Herc. Well done!

  3. Looks good sir, a fine colourful Hercules.
    In a variant that I have never seen before.
    Well done sir.

  4. Nicely done and and a fine choice of subjects. As Simon said, I've never seen that version modeled before. Very sharp and colorful in those USCG markings. Very well done.

  5. Excellent build.

  6. Excellent Herky-bird Alastair. A variant I've never heard of in Coast Guard colors, well done.

  7. Beautifully finished, it! Nice work.

  8. Excellent "out-side-the-box" thinking and building. I've never seen a modeler build this variation, a beautiful job! The Coast Guard has been flying these aircraft since 1960 and at this time has no planned replacement for it in the forceable future. The "Herky Bird" C-130 is an exceptional aircraft with our military as well as overseas military services. And as Bernd mentioned, a few more photos of the model would be appreciated, we don't get too many "colorful" aircraft here...

  9. wow to the wow

  10. Nice model……does the Coast Guard know they have this aircraft in their inventory?

    • Thanks for your comment Jack. Yes, as far as I know there were two of these Hercs, but now the task has been ganded over to P-3 Orions with the same Hawkeye style rotating radome on top.

  11. Really excellent work there.

  12. I like it! I want to do one of these at some point, probably the AC-130. Brilliant model that!

  13. This really stands out, Alastair, brilliant conversion and use of spare parts.

    • George...Not spare parts, the Coast Guard actually did fly these aircraft for a while. Looking for low flying small planes smuggling drugs across the border. They were notoriously difficult to spot on radar as they flew very low to the ground. Air Traffic Controllers barely ever spotted them on their scopes. With this airborne, they didn't stand a chance. Many people think that this is a "what if", but alas they are the real deal. : )

  14. Beautiful job ! What colors did you use ?

    • Thanks Joe. It was a while ago since I built this and I think it was meant to be Humbrol International Orange but in the back of my mind I think it was Red Arrow Red. I really need to check the paint box and that'll remind me. I do remember it wasn't easy working out what was the correct colour. The blue is a decal. Pretty sure the grey over the wing is FS36375 and the radome is FS16440, although the same ship has been photographed with it in white. To be honest reference photos are few and I had to use my best guess most of the times. I've seen photos of the same aircraft with a subtle variation of markings.

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