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Lockheed C-130 Hercules - a four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft designed in the 1950s by Lockheed, still in production and in service with many other air forces around the World.

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NIKE Hercules missle launcher with loading platform

I couldn't resist this any longer. I have been eyeing this kit for years. It really is well-engineered. Everything fit together nicely and getting all the hydraulics in place was very enjoyable. I did some research on the loading platform [...]

Evergreen Aviation Museum Oregon

In Oregon one can still find independent hobby shops that seem to thrive. ( As covered by Dennis Meyers a few days ago. ) Probably so owing to stocking diverse hobby items and the drippy long Winters with people looking for indoor [...]

CC-130J Canadian Super Hercules RCAF Built from Scratch

This is the CC-130J Super Hercules, most modern variant of the Legacy Hercules Transport Aircraft, built and designed by Lockheed Martin. I built this one from pine, engraved with a wood burner. Flaps are down, at takeoff position, wheels [...]

Testors/Itlaeri 1/72 AC-130A Hercules Gunship

This kit fought me pretty much all the way through. Fit wasn't that great, so there was a lot of putty, sand, prime, repeat. The decals looked great, but turned out to be a very stressful part of the build. The glue was thick and [...]

Bristol Beaufighter TF. X

Here’s my version of the 1/72 Airfix Bristol Beaufighter TF. X. As most builders seem to, I chose to depict NE829, flown by No.144 Squadron from RAF Banff in Aberdeenshire. Built straight from the box, this is a great little kit, with a [...]

Video: Bristol Hercules Engine run 25/08/2018

This is a restored Bristol Hercules Engine from a Halifax bomber. They stated before the run that they are working on restoring 3 more of these to working condition. This one engine made more noise then all 4 of the Merlins on the [...]

Nike Hercules 1/40

This is a Nike Hercules surface to air missile operational between 1958 and 1973,the kit was a history makers reissue.1/40 scale by Revell.

Lockheed C 130 E Hercules, A97-178, 37 Sqn Richmond NSW 1993.

1/72 Italeri, my third but not last C130, I moved the outer engines forward by 2mm to line up with the inner engines, modified the exhausts with plastic tube, added some antennae and navigation lights, finished in Model Master enamels, [...]

Lockheed C 130 A Hercules, A97-212, 36 Sqn RAAF Richmond NSW 1963.

1/72 Italeri, my first C130, with my own resin propellers and wing tanks, I added some cockpit detail, opened the side cargo door, re-profiled the rear of the engine nacelles and tail, finished in Model Master enamels and metalizer 1401, [...]

Lockheed C 130 J 30 Hercules, A97-464, 37 Sqn RAAF Richmond NSW 2001.

1/72 Italeri, my second C130, with my own fuselage and side pod extensions, I also extended the cargo floor, made my own spinners, re-profiled the engine cowls, modified the exhausts with plastic tube, moved the outer engines forward to [...]