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Iraqi MiG-21MF “Fishbed”

November 17, 2014 · in Aviation · · 20 · 3.2K

Inspired by the outbreak of Desert Storm, or Gulf War One, I built this MiG-21MF in markings and camouflage. So, it's been languishing in the display cabinet since way back then, with no airport pictures taken. Even though it's more than 20 years old now, I had never really taken "proper" pics of it. I took care of that little issue last August when the Fishbed went to the Coffield Regional Airport in Rockdale,Texas for a photo-shoot.

It is the 1/48 kit that was originally released by OEZ. The kit had two different top fuselage inserts for three versions of the fighter. I'd like to think that I have the skills now to avoid that awful step behind the cockpit, but I guess I was satisfied to leave it back in '92. The Fishbed was built along with a Philippines Air Force Northrop F-5A "Freedom Fighter" as a sort of "export fighter" theme project. Both were popular planes enabling Third World countries a high-performance jet, representing both East and West blocs. I also note in the pics that the front LG was somewhat loose and is crooked in some shots too. Grrrrr. Oh well, she's posed in all her flaws and defects here.

The dark paint was Pactra enamel, long gone now, the other colors are Humbrol and ModelMaster enamels, sprayed with my Paasche H. Decals are aftermarket and represent an aircraft in the Iran-Iraq War of the '80s. If you squint a bit, and tilt your head just right, it does look sort of like a MiG-21. 🙂

Thanks again everyone for taking a look at my Mig-21!

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  1. A most impressive build and expertly photographed. A nice job all around, sir.

  2. Very nice Gary! Great photos Thanks for taken the time .
    California Steve

  3. Nice work on another "cranky" kit.

  4. Great looking Mig. Nice photos! Well done.

  5. Beautiful work, Gary.

  6. Great work and perfect presented, looking really sharp.A proof that older kits can be done into a good looking result

  7. Nice build Gary. I like the photography!

  8. Great Fishbed Gary, as the above comments, great pics too.
    Well done Gary.

  9. beautiful paint work

  10. Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments! It means a lot to me as the group of fantastic modelers here are some of the best around. To hear your comments about my modest efforts, well, it gives me great satisfaction. I am truly humbled by them. Thanks again everyone!

  11. It might be an old model, but it has held up well in your superb photographs.

  12. Really nice job for this old kit !
    and great pics !

  13. nice fishbed Gary! i also like your photography - very nice compositions!

  14. Great job Gary, you made a really sweet looking Mig-21, and I didn't even close one eye to see it... 😉

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