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Bandai 1/48 M13 Gun carriage,halftrack, Tarkas IV

I always had a soft spot for the US halftrack, not being an armour guy I limit my ventures to 1/48. I picked this up at a model show on the cheap. I thought I could build it for the group build but found out that the M13 was introduced in the Italian campaign. The decals were shot so the markings are of no specific unit. A nice kit, it even comes with the 6 cylinder diesel. of which I neglected to install in fear of fit problems. Had some stuff left over from previous builds so I tried my hand at a little dio. The last photo is my entire amour build collection.

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15 responses to Bandai 1/48 M13 Gun carriage,halftrack, Tarkas IV

  1. Bob, you lucky devil! The one (of several) that got away! I keep hoping someone comes out with a couple of these in 48th. And a bomb truck, a Dodge command car, and a Beep. And an Ambulance!

  2. Nice job, Robert. I remember those 1/48 Bandai kits from the 70s. They were very expensive and I only built two of them, the Kubelwagen and the Hetzer. Your half track is awesome.

  3. Robert,
    Your halftrack looks right at home sitting there on what looks like a real setting of grass and moss. (pictures 8 and 9). It’s in good company with your other armor builds ………….. Well done my friend.

  4. I like it, Robert….those outdoor pics really look good.

  5. Love the guys up the tree! What’s the thing with ‘Tarkas’ ? Yo have a thing about jumping spiders?

    Great to see your work, Robert.

    • An Emerson Lake and Palmer album cover

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  6. Man I love those old Bandai kits! Great job!

  7. A fun looking project. Nice job!

  8. Robert, good looking build, I like it on the diorama. Nicely done !

  9. Looks fine, Robert! When I saw Tarkas IV on the ‘track, my mind went immediately to the great album “Tarkus,” by E.L.P.

    I didn’t know about the spider. Nice wee collection of armour.

  10. Nice little piece of armour there, Robert, looks like you really enjoyed yourself.

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