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Bandai, 1/48, M13 Gun carriage,half-track, Tarkas IV

February 22, 2018 · in Armor · · 17 Comments

I always had a soft spot for the US halftrack, not being an armour guy I limit my ventures to . I picked this up at a model show on the cheap. I thought I could build it for the group build but found out that the was introduced in the Italian campaign. The decals were shot so the markings are of no specific unit. A nice kit, it even comes with the 6 cylinder diesel. of which I neglected to install in fear of fit problems. Had some stuff left over from previous builds so I tried my hand at a little dio. The last photo is my entire amour build collection.

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17 responses

  1. Bob, you lucky devil! The one (of several) that got away! I keep hoping someone comes out with a couple of these in 48th. And a bomb truck, a Dodge command car, and a Beep. And an Ambulance!

  2. Nice job, Robert. I remember those 1/48 Bandai kits from the 70s. They were very expensive and I only built two of them, the Kubelwagen and the Hetzer. Your half track is awesome.

  3. Robert,
    Your halftrack looks right at home sitting there on what looks like a real setting of grass and moss. (pictures 8 and 9). It's in good company with your other armor builds ... Well done my friend.

  4. I like it, Robert...those outdoor pics really look good.

  5. Love the guys up the tree! What's the thing with 'Tarkas' ? Yo have a thing about jumping spiders?

    Great to see your work, Robert.

    • An Emerson Lake and Palmer album cover

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

      • Hey, Robert, yep - I'm a big Greg Lake fan - just it's also the Latin name of the jumping spider genus. I'm a spider freak.

        • Your learning me again, thanks, I'll never kill a spider if I can help it.

          • Here's the puppy; Tarkas Salticidae...

  6. Man I love those old Bandai kits! Great job!

  7. A fun looking project. Nice job!

  8. Robert, good looking build, I like it on the diorama. Nicely done !

  9. Looks fine, Robert! When I saw Tarkas IV on the 'track, my mind went immediately to the great album "Tarkus," by E.L.P.

    I didn't know about the spider. Nice wee collection of armour.

  10. Nice little piece of armour there, Robert, looks like you really enjoyed yourself.

  11. Hi Robert Royes - I realize this in an old thread bit thought I’d see if you are around and can answer a question. I see you don’t have any figures in your diagrams, particularly no gunner in the twin 50 pod. I’m just finishing this kit - started 20 years ago. I note that the turret won’t rotate upwards if the figure, foot control, and front shield is installed. Did you discover that as well? Love the detail on this kit - but this to be a mistake with the kit. Thanks.

  12. You might be right. As I recall I had trouble putting the gun assy. together, besides which I really don't do figures well. I wish I still had the model, it was destroyed, along with a few others in a house renovation. It was a nice kit, would be nice to see the old Bandai kits produced again, what armour I do I like the size of 1/48.@dborth

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