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Underwater target located Captain……but there is more….

What has come over me? I just had to do this Sea Quest DSV model. You know me, it had to have LEDs. and on and on.. Detailed the cockpit with a driver and took some photos just for fun. I also scratch built some arms with grab hands. I went for a large one and a small one like a real crab. I hope you enjoy my madness on a very strange model. *******I have added a photo of the open battery compartment buy request*******

California Steve

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35 responses to Underwater target located Captain……but there is more….

  1. Not only do you build fantastic models but you really know how to handle a camera.

  2. Thanks Al. I am glad you liked this one. Now I could say I fired up my Lakoda 780 Photobomber with a micro pin lens at a F stop set about 96.7. using buffered filters at a range of ten feet.
    But believe it or not. I used my cell phone! If you have a smart phone go on line and look up tutorials about how to get the most from these (phones). There are a lot of cool options.
    Thank you for your nice comments.
    California Steve

  3. The “mad scientist-modeler” strikes again…!! Love your imagination, Steve. Always an eye-catching model from the left coast. Your CELL PHONE, you say?
    There’s a lesson here somewhere. 🙂

  4. Thanks Craig, Yep, my cell phone. I have a Fuji that takes really nice photos. But I think set up properly the phone works out OK.
    Thanks again,
    California Steve

  5. Spectacular, amazing, awesome!! Your imagination has no limits. Great work Steve.I can’t wait to see the next work of art.

  6. Very interesting, Steve. A cross between modelling and a Sciene project. Good subject choice as well.

  7. Absolutely mental!! I love it.

  8. Keep taking the tablets Steve, love it mate.
    I don`t know where you think these things up but they are damn good.
    Well done mate.

  9. I was gonna compliment your camera skills too but now you rooned it. Whatever you did it looks real good, go over to Hollywood and get a job.

  10. Fabulous Steve, great concept and construction, brilliantly photographed.
    I tried to build one of those and the mold ridges and sink marks on the landing skids and suspension beat on me like I was a borrowed mule. I got the hint and it got sent to a new home. The Johnson County Landfill if I recall correctly.

    • Rick I would have been building this for years if I had to fix all the woogies. I just went for the basics. You can see from the underside photo that I wasn’t going for gold on this one. But the fun factor was there. So I left it at that.
      Thanks for your nice comments.
      California Steve

  11. That is awesome. How did you do the wiring?

  12. Thanks Nathaniel. Each LED is connected to a 3 volt nickle size battery in one of their small round holders. The three battery holders are located in a compartment in the (bed) behind the cab. Because these Battery and LED combinations last for many hours I didn’t use any power switches. I just load the batterys, reset the cover and have hours of lighting. I am going to add a photo of the wiring and the compartment.
    California Steve

  13. Further proof that if you know what you’re doing, you can take great photos with a cell phone, and if you don’t, you’ll take snapshots with a Hasselblad. And as usual, a lot of imagination and “out of the box” thinking in view.

  14. Thanks Tom, did you ever open a model box and say, “what have I done now”.. This model sure was different. But fun.
    California Steve

  15. you’ve done it again you crazy person…you’ve really brought your genius for fun to this sight

  16. Thank you so much Bob. When I stop having fun, I will stop building and chase more women!… Wait!! I got to go now!! Haa Haa!!!
    Thanks for the nice comments Bob. I am glad you liked it.
    California Steve

  17. Weird but very enjoyable, thanks for sharing this, Steve.

  18. Well I have to say it is different. Now remember The Twilight Zone was weird and enjoyable. I just had to sneak that in there George.
    Glad you liked.
    California Steve

  19. The mixture of your modelling skills,photography and humor is absolutely awesome Steve. 🙂

  20. Thank you very much Bernd. And congratulations on your Challenger
    Tank! I knew when I first saw it it was special. Really nice modeling.
    Thank you for your nice comments.

  21. Thank you Steve, your modelling with all the working items is very special to me !

  22. Don’t worry Bernd. It’s only a neuklir warhead as they say!
    California Steve

  23. In my old neighborhood, it was pronounced newklar or nuck’you’lahr. I forget which was high Balmerese, probably the latter.
    Steve, you are amazing, keep up the good work.
    Stunning ‘phone work, though I prefer your other description, it was more entertaining. I hope you do wine critique, at some point. You have a gift for prose, amongst your other ones.

  24. Absolutely fantastic! Another masterpiece 🙂

  25. Thank you very much Bernard. Thanks for the nice comments.
    California Steve

  26. Great work, Steve, but the Chablis was the best tip all month ! And I’ll bet it works in any scale too….

  27. Why thank you Joe. You know, I never considered scale when it comes to a fine Chablis. But I do like a Port when building boats.
    Thanks again,
    California Steve

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