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the art of diorama building

Diorama Russian airplane СУ-34 "Fullback"

Saw on one of the sites an interesting diorama with an airplane and really wanted to try to do something similar. I took an SU-34 airplane and started working. Eyes are afraid, but hands do. And this is what came out of it. I think for the [...]

Shark with shark

Work in fantasy style. Above-water part of the world's largest Soviet submarine Project 941 "Typhoon". Underwater, as an extension, a great white shark. Product size: Length 340 mm, width 90 mm height 100 mm

YAMATO "Before and After" diorama

I made a battleship YAMATO "Before and After" diorama and I am posting some pictures. The small scale (1/1250) made it somewhat difficult for me, but in general everything went well and in the end I think it turned out to be a [...]

SKULL ISLANDMiniature Diorama

Hi All. I am posting some pictures of my Skull Island Diorama. It is completely hand made apart from the skull which was 3d printed.

Review: Star Wars diorama kit from 1995

This is a Battle Of Hoth Action Scene model / diorama kit from AMT/ERTL. This Level 2 set was released in 1995 and can be assembled from 100 pieces. Watch the assembled models and special documents of the kit in the video. (link)

Scratch build, building front

Here are results after trying to duplicate a MC club house building. There are a few minor mistakes when comparing the two, which I overlooked. But the overall look when browsing indiscriminately, will make up for them.

HMS HOOD by Meng

I wanted to try one of these little toon kits for a long time now. They go together well and with some spare parts and a little weathering turn out to be very interesting. Hope you guys like it!

1:48 Eduard P-51 Mustang & FW-190 Dogfight Diorama

Prior to the whole pandemic kerfuffle I had an idea to build a dogfight diorama. I purchase the two Eduard Profi-PACK kits back in 2020 and promptly put them on the shelf until the time was right. After a little research I knew the Mustang [...]

Painting the Archduke of Mousin

This project came about as an offshoot of the recent Red Dragon project. As I submitted images of the Dragon to a painting contest, there were several variants of this guy submitted. I really like the idea of a little mouse community where [...]

1/700 IJN Akagi, Battle of Midway