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Tamyia 1:35 German 88 at the Kasserine pass diorama

A few years back I decided to construct a Diorama of a German 88 at the battle of the Kasserine pass. I had a Tamyia German Flack 88 North African campaign kit. The barrel was warped so I get a replacement metal barrel from Abner which was [...]

Fantasy castle diorama

this is a castle printed with a 3d printer, I thought I'd put it in a mountain setting, surrounded by the waters of a lake. The rocks are cast in woodland scenic moulds. The trees are molded from epoxy putty. Painted with brush and [...]

1/24th Revell Shelby Mustang

What to do when a model kit isnt that great? make it look worse. the 'crash diorama' is always a plan b for me, in case i mess a kit up, but in this instance it was well thought out and planned before i even touched the kit, as it was a [...]

Ork Warboss

I recently completed this project for my Youtube channel. The model kit was purchased as a downloadable .stl file from I printed it at 200% to allow me to add LEDs to both the weapon and the power box on the back of the [...]


Riproduzione del faro Francesco Crispi, anche detto faro Mussolini, le cui spoglie e rimanenze si trovano ancora in Somalia. Iniziato nella sua prima versione in carpenteria metallica nel 1924 e rifinito in pietra nel 1930 in località [...]

Marchetti 88 (SIAI SF260M+ diorama)

The SIAI Marchetti SF260M+ is an italian trainer and light ground attack monoplane designed around 1964. I represented my own version from the belgian Red Devils Aerobatic Display Team that in 2019 celebrated the 50th anniversary (not 88!) [...]

1:50 Scale Truck Dock/Bay DioramaFinal Photos

I am closing in on the finishing of this build. I have some details to add here and there. Then I will be figuring out how to add lights. That is another heap to jump over. But I will give it a try. The wall at the left of the dock was not [...]

Creating Realistic Snow

Here is a little tip on making a realistic snow base for model displays. I wanted to display one of my model aircraft that was equipped with snow skis on a snow base. I started with a round base and created the snow base using spackle. I [...]

Building a 1:50 Scale Truck Dock

I have been working on a 1/50 scale diorama for someone. It's a truck dock that will handle about 6 trucks. Docks for 4 full fledged truck and trailer and two single trucks without their trailers. Lots of fittings with bits and pieces of [...]

Stalinetz Soviet Tractor and ML-20 Howitzer near Kursk 1943, 1:35

I had this build in mind for a while and both kits were in my stash since last year. Although the current worldly events made me doubt initially whether a Soviet build was appropriate, I did go ahead with it nevertheless. After all, it's [...]