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Well seeing that I might have gotten your attention...

November 9, 2014 · in Uncategorized · 45 · 1.5K

Here is my Pibber Viet Nam river boat. I just added all of the photos in no particular order. But you can see my build in progress. I always like to add a little bit of a sub story

so in the second pic from the last, the Captain said reload and Private Jones reloaded the beer cooler. The jungle photos were taken outside my front door in the bushes during a rain storm. (don't ask why). The first photo was taken after I watched Godzilla.(never ask why). I just do these things. Well have fun and enjoy.

California Steve

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  1. Great work Steve, the photos in the swamp are very realistic. Whats in the bottles ?

  2. No worries Bernd, It is only Miller Lite. You know the model came with these decals for the bottles. But I don't think they had Miller Lite in 1969 or so. Gosh I hope I don't get slapped down and ridiculed and sent to the land of non prototype bad modelers. Haa! Haa! Who knows?
    Thanks for the nice words. Now I am just kicking back and waiting for more posts from the model show.
    California Steve

    • so call it 1973

    • Actually, in Vietnam we only had cans, which you opened with a "church key" for those whio don't remember, and "lite beer" was a good 7-8 years away from polluting good beer.

      You kidz will never know that stuff. πŸ™‚

      • You know in hindsight. The model came with bottles and these cool beer decals. It would have been very easy to make cans out of plastic stock and attach the decals to them. Heck I could have added a bunch of crushed cans laying about. That would have looked cool. I have to go to the land of non prototype bad modelers? Haa! Haa!
        California Steve

  3. Looks good Steve, as Bernd said, the pics in the swamp look really cool.
    You can just hear the sound track to Apocalypse Now in the background.
    Well done mate.

    • Thank you Simon. One morning I stepped out my front door after a downpour and said to myself "looks like a swamp out here". I ran to get my camera and model and just started clicking away. Too much fun.
      California Steve

  4. I like this one Steve! Is that Pibber out on Lake Placid? That croc looks very much like the one from the movie. πŸ™‚ Well done!

    • Thank you Morne. I purchased the Crock in Florida on a visit as a souvenir for my son. He hates this thing staring at him. So it lives in a closet.
      Thanks for the nice words.
      California Steve

  5. Great work Steve.gotta love that off the wall imagination of yours. Really good mate.

  6. Goggone it! Meyer stole my Lake Placid comment. Snooze you lose...
    The "jungle" shots are highly imaginative indeed. More greatness from CS.

    • Thank you Bill. I'm getting in the mood to go back and watch Apocalypse Now. That's a long flick. I guess I will have to stock up on popcorn first.
      Thanks for the nice comments.
      California Steve

  7. I just wonder if Ed Woods or Ed Carpenter didn't influence your youth Steve? Regardless you do have a twist to the weird and wonderful... πŸ™‚

    • I hope you are referring to Plan Nine from Outer Space. and not to Glenn or Glenda! It's probably from listening to Frank Zappa and Spike Jones on the same day.
      I'm glad you like the madness.
      California Steve

  8. that's buttkickyous...well done

  9. That 1st picture might be the result of too much Miller's. Your jungle shot looks great. Did those figures come with the kit? I've been wanting to do a Vietnam Nam era gun truck & have put it off because a lack of available figures. With some mods those might work.

    • Thanks Al, As for the first picture. It wasn't easy to photograph from a speeding boat with all of the screaming splashing and 50 caliber noise. Actually it is a crappy shot but I just had to add it. The figures from this kit would be perfect for a gun truck. If you add in all of the weapons and accessory's from this kit. You would have a well armored and stocked gun truck.
      California Steve

  10. I agree with the masses regarding the "jungle" shots...nice photography work, Steve. And yes, Al...those are kit figures.

    • Hey Craig, Thanks for the like. The boat driver and the beer loader were from other kits. I know that the beer loader is the radio operator from a Tamiya kit. Still this model presents you with a lot of accessories and figures.
      Thanks again,
      California Steve

  11. Wonderful job, Steve ! I love it !

  12. Very cool, love these kits and you did it proud. BUT for the record, the "captain" would have most likely been a Chief Petty officer and there are no privates in the Navy, would have been a Petty Officer πŸ™‚ Sorry, the Lifer in me couldn't let that one go πŸ™‚

    • No problem at all Rob. The CPO tried his luck at spear catching a few clicks down the river. He was not very good at it. So we had to switch things around a bit. The figures in the kit are good but I would have liked some more Navy looking guys. For that fact Rob. When was the last time you saw a set of real Navy personnel in this scale? There are some nice ones for the PT and Vosper series. But where are the round white hats? Ziperini!
      Thanks again.
      California Steve

  13. Another quiet day on the Bassac River, south of Dong Tam in the delightful Mekong Delta! Charlies latest secret weapon is deployed against the running dog lackeys of Wall Street. Surprise! Ehyaaah! Make a great "Z" movie...
    Rob got it right, the Brown Water Navy ran the pibbers, and the Monitors and various other Riverine vessels. The Army had Boston Whalers, I remember seeing one with an M-60, which I thought was pushing it, myself.

  14. Tom: Ba Me Ba/"33", and Bier LaRue. One of them had a Tigers head on it. The former had formaldehide as an ingredient, and my companions said it would result in visions or incontinence after a couple. I decided to abstain.
    I do remember Budweiser, and once, Australian beer, Reschs Pilsner(?). The class 6 was always feast or famine.
    You could use the 'ol P-38 in a pinch, absent the church key of beloved memory.

  15. You know Bernard it wouldn't be that hard to get a image of those products shrink it down an multiply it with a computer. Then print a decal sheet for your own beer cans. Hmmmmmmm.
    California Steve

  16. Say. isn't that a North Vietnam "people's anti imperialistic reptile defensive weapon system and lady's hand bag resource device" ? Very interesting...maybe the creature just wanted a Miller Lite.

  17. That is interesting. You know Mike, my pal Lefty told me to never,ever feed a crock beer. He's all right now! Haa! good one.
    California Steve

  18. Ah, the photographs! Nothing looks like real scenery better than real scenery! (I'm talking to you George Lucas!) Not even looking at the quality of the model, which is great, placing it in a real setting that still looks scale is what sets the two photos off in this set. (Although it is too dark to show any of the details you included, so I'm glad some were taken on the table.)

  19. Thank you for the nice words there Josh. What's nice about real scenery is all I had to do is place the model down and shoot photos.
    Oh it is dark this deep beneath the jungle canopy. It was a lot of fun.
    California Steve

  20. Fantastic mate! Every article you post seems to tell a story. The attention to detail is amazing once again, adding personality to the scene. Once again I am impressed!

  21. Well thank you very much Richard. It is a bit fun to add a bit of a back story. Sooooo? What kind of bike are you riding? Looks really nice.
    California Steve

    • I don't actually have one at the minute, I need to invest in property before I get another one unfortunately.
      That one in the picture is a Yamaha R1. It was a good one as well. I had a blue flame racing exhaust system on it bumping it up to 200 bhp, in a bike weighing 180k. It was pretty fast!

  22. Steve:

    The vietnamese beer came in glass bottles, and as Tom pointed out, the "regular" US stuff was in cans.Before the pop-top. Thus the church key.

    I actually saw bameba for sale in a gourmet(!) store here about 5 years back. I was taken aback. My wife thought I was having a flashback, which I wuz, sorta. Who would have thought?

    The "cooler" is a marmite can, used to keep food sort of warm, or other things cold, in the field. You could buy ice, but you'd have to be careful, as the sales people may have gotten the water ANYWHERE. Good old aqua hepetitis and any of a number of other nasty diseases.

    I got used to warm.

  23. This is probably a lot of guys took to the herbal. I never heard of anyone getting hepatitis for indulging in the local green.
    Good information. Thanks Bernard.
    California Steve

  24. That croc looks high, great stuff, Steve, just what we needed after looking at 500 pictures of aircraft, nice though they are!

  25. In one of Tim Pages' books, he mentioned this local VN delicacy, "laughing chicken soup" which was seasoned with that herb Steve mentioned. He and his companions had some, and then giggled their way back to where they were staying. I don't expect to see Rick Steves doing that anytime soon.

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