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Airfix 2016 builds

December 13, 2016 · in Aviation · · 19 · 1.7K

I'm so hapy is back. Most of my work this year was on new Airfix kits, each of which I really liked.

And there's still a whole big - yoooge! - pile of red boxes.

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  1. My favorite's a toss-up...the camo Meteor or the Wildcat...(and I still contend the Defiant is an ugly airplane - 🙁 )

  2. Very nice looking group, especially the Defiant. If that's the 1/48 one, I had this pre-ordered, but was away from the internet for 2 weeks when it cam time to purchase it.

  3. Nice work, and yeah - I'm gonna have to get me a pile of them red boxes!

  4. Nice. waiting for their new Phantom.

  5. I can't wait to get the new Stuka... The Defiant is getting closer to the work bench. I agree with you Tom. I am very glad that the New Airfix is back... I had to order another P-40...Christmas is right around the corner.

    Excellent work Sir !

  6. I'm a fan. Defiant fit a LOT better than the P-40 tho. And how did they miss scribing the rudder trim tab? Anyway, small matters, may they thrive and keep releasing good stuff. Got the Whitley going too. How 'bout a Hampden? 1/48 of course and a 48th Blenheim too. Greedy greedy.
    Nice flock of 'Fixes TC.

  7. P.S. Tom, got the new 1/32 B-17E built yet? Midway camouflage please. 🙂

    • I have a test shot and the release, going to do an E and an F. Will do "Chief Seattle" for the E, since I can weather and sun-fade it. Gotta find the time tho.

  8. Top Kit builds LIKE!

  9. The only thing wrong with these Airfix kits seems to be that they sell out so quickly!

  10. Good on you Tom!
    We aircraft modellers owe a lot to Airfix starting with their MkXII and Mk17 Seafire kits through until now- they are doing a great job! And so are you!

  11. Ah, the" Poet" and his muses. Inspired to write about plastic beauties, pilots and history and interesting airplane stuff... To some degree with Airfix 's pricing and new subject matter they've revitalized the word "Fun" back into the hobby.

  12. Nice collection Tom, it's been a busy year for you. Guess I'll have to try my hand at some of the "new" Airfix models, they sure do look nice.

  13. Excellent body of work there Tom! I like Koppos's ideas there for a couple more 1:48 scale brit subjects. Airfix has really done a great job on their newer kits, and you have done a fantastic job of writing up some really well done articles about the kits, complete with some history...and yes, you're one busy, busy man. Cant wait to see the B-17!

  14. Great flight line Tom. Start thinking about 2017: Sea Fury, Walrus, Mustang, Victor just for starters!

  15. Wow! What well executed little gems- and all my favorite subjects!

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