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Just a single photo from Bracket air field in La Verne California.

December 13, 2014 · in Uncategorized · 23 · 1.2K

Just for fun.
California Steve

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  1. Nice work, Steve...looks almost life-like. 🙂 LOL

  2. Almost, I should have sagged the blades a bit.

  3. As Craig said, looks like the real one. Great modelling meets great photography

    • Thanks Bernd. Outside photos are really fun.

      But let me critique my photo a bit. Like I said the rotors should have been sagged a bit. And the edge of the facing rotor looks like it took a bird hit. When you do a outside photo the woogies really show up. But I am pleased with the crewman in the doorway. This was a cool place to go for a ride in the Sea King. I have seen videos of crewman having fun dangling their legs over the side while in flight.

      Now that would be a kick. Sign me up.

      California Steve

      • Yes the rotors could have a bit more sag, as like most modellers you know the glitches, someone looking at this photo didn t see it
        For me it was really much the impression or a real heli.
        I don t know if i would allow my legs to have much more fresh air...

  4. Apart from the rotor blades, it looks nigh on real.
    Love th idea of the crew member sitting in the doorway.
    Great pic mate.

    • Sometime in the future I would like to do a yellow rescue one like the prince flew. I have this great photo where he is standing next to it showing it off to the Queen. Now that would make a great diorama.
      Thanks Simon,
      California Steve

  5. I thought it was the real thing ! I realized that it was a model when I read the comments ...

    Congratulations, Steve !

  6. You certainly had me fooled,it was only when I noticed the base was a different colour from the background that I realised,really good work Steve.

  7. i was fooled until i blew it up and saw the trench like panel lines...your cop chop a few months ago set us master_____of can droop the blades under water but plastic tends to have a would never stay did the right thing...fantastic work and photography capt. caveeey

    • Thanks Bob. I think I lost a couple of crew members in those trenches! Haa Haa! I have add some droop to the same type of blades using a lighter. But you have to go very slowly.
      Thanks again Bob
      California Steve

  8. There's that miniature airport again! Very nice mate, looks cool.

  9. Steve:
    Fooled me again!
    Then I remembered the cop chopper that Bob did.
    Is this a diecast, also? If it is, did you repaint, or just touch it up?
    Whatever you did, it's really well done.
    Love the crewman in the door! Lifelike touch, adds to the illusion.

  10. Bernard, This is the New Ray 1/35 (ish) Sea King. It is a very basic plastic semi kit. They are getting hard to find. The dimensions are spot on, and the cockpit is really nice. I have posted a couple examples here. A NAVY version in white, and one for the LA County Sheriff in the green and gold.
    Thanks for the nice words.
    California Steve

  11. Well done Steve, I think if you'd made your base carry to the skyline you would got me. 😉

  12. But Rick, It would cover up all of the hundreds of little buildings I set up across the parking lot! Not to mention the little trees and the mountain mural I painted on the side of the Wal-Mart store. Tee Hee Hee!.
    Well I almost fooled you. Too much fun.
    California Steve

  13. Great work, Steve, both modelling and photography.

  14. Thank you very much George.
    California Steve

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