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December 7, 2014 · in Aviation · · 19 · 1.9K

Hello to all

My father has finished two new models. In this case he made the two Northrop N-3PB.

Here are some photos of them

1= NORTHROP N-3PB No 330 Squadron RNoAF 22 GSF


The models on the diplay cabinet

Our next series will be the Supermarine Seagull V and Walrus. We have 16 kits so we have to reduce the number of aircrafts selected to that number.

Here is the list (It is a draft since there are some points that I have to complete and check).


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  1. Can someone explain how Santiago manage to layout his images like this, i would like to post wips on here but the selection of photos at the bottom does not really work. If i could understand how to lay my images out like this inserting text where appropriate that would be great. First time i have seen a post like this.


    • Good question...I'm wondering the same thing. Great pics, by the way. AND the usual outstanding models.

    • I think once you've uploaded your images and they have a 'pic' reference you just insert [picXX] where you want the text to appear between text lines.

      I would say though that Headlines are really for presenting finished work, whereas a WIP thread can be started in Groups as required with up to 50 images per thread.

      If I'm incorrect in any way with these comments I'm sure someone will let us know.

  2. fantastic as all ways

  3. Outstanding workmanship as usual. How does he find the time & dedication to do these as fast as he does? Do you build as a team?

    • Hi
      Well, my father is retired and he use to spend at least 6 hours per day building models. Sometimes even more.

      I use to put all the information together and make the pre selection of aircrafts for a series. Then I discuss with my father about the numbers of models, the numbers of kits available and make the final selection.

      We use to buy the kits more than one year before starting to build them. For example we are thinking now about different projects for the next year and more. We have been buying P51 and P40 kits since 3 years before now. We have aprox. 40 to 50 kits of each aircrafts.

      Then I try to check the colour scheme camouflage, markings, field modification, etc with many friends all around the world, most of them are well known historian.

      For example, Peter Malone have been helped us with the RAAF aircrafts with very very uncommon expamples.
      Jed , another friend, has helped us with the Horsa, Hamilcar and most of the glider series. He even went to the IWM to seach for films and photos. Alastair, another friend gave us photos of un common trials undertook for some British aircrafts during WWII.

      Just to give you an idea, I spent two years making the selection of the 109 Hurricane done and my father spent one year and a half for making all of them.

      Another thing is that a Local friend, Luis, make all the decals that not exist (art nose, letters, etc). We not use to make the options which came with the kits.


  4. Beautiful work, you build them in squadron strength ?

  5. Yes once again a superb selection. These are jewel-like models.

  6. Santiago, you father is a master builder, as it shows in his work.
    Looking forward to seeing more work from him.
    Well done sir.

  7. Santiago:

    Both the original aircraft and the model are rare. Yours are the first ones I've seen built.

    I finally managed to find one last year, from the collection of one of our founding members at IPMS Baltimore. He passed, and his son sold off his collection.

    So, I can appreciate what you've accomplished.

    Thanks for showing us these, as not a lot of folks know there was such an aircraft. I only know about it due to an old WW II aircraft recognition book illustration, which I saw years ago.

    My congratulations to you and your Dad. Always a joy to see your posts, and an inspiration.



  8. A great surprise to see these modeled. Just beautiful.
    California Steve

  9. I love these out of the ordinary models, your Dad is an artist. I'd enjoy seeing his build of a Hall PH-2 flying boat, never seen anyone scratch build one. It would fit nicely in his fine collection, hint, hint!

  10. It's always a pleasure to see your father's models, and I'm glad you are able to supply more information and background about how he goes about these projects.

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