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Revell Phantom Vicky

December 16, 2014 · in Automotive · · 13 · 1.3K

This was built 100% OOB a while ago mainly as a painting exercise. It was my first serious attempt at using acrylics. I wanted to see how well it laid down & if it stayed on when masked with tape. Worked out pretty well in both areas. The paint used is no longer available. It was Testors's Boyd's line. Hard to see because the colors were so close in hue but it is a two-tone scheme. Inside, outside & underneath. The paint has not been polished but does have a brushed coat of Future.
The wiring on the engine was molded as part of the engine assembly.
The term Phantom comes into play because Ford never offered this particular body style.

Thanks for looking & I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Now, THAT'S cool-lookin'...nice job, Al.

  2. Sweet lookin', Al ! Nicework !

  3. Very nice, well up to your usual standards, what a pity you can't get this paint any longer. I suspect that Rolls Royce might have something to say if Ford tried to use the word Phantom!

  4. Crazy colour! Really looks the part, Al.

  5. A perfect paint work on a sharp looking car, great work Al, love it 🙂

  6. A real beauty! Won't mind cruising in a real one. Awesome paint job on this one!

  7. That lead photo screamed "Prowler" to me. Told ha I don't know squat about cars. But I know a well done paint scheme when I see it. Pretty sharp Al, for a "paint mule" 😉

  8. Great work there Al.
    You can see the difference in the colours.
    Nice pics as well.

  9. What a frantic ride, looks like it's ready to percolate!

  10. you've done it again...sweet work

  11. Thanks for the positive comments. Greatly appreciated.

  12. Al I want this Hot Rod! I really like the way you did the two colors with just a subtle difference, Tasty!
    California Steve

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