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1/200 Martinair Cargo MD-11

October 15, 2019 · in Aviation · · 21 Comments

Here is a 1/200 scale md11 in Martinair cargo I built . Jan Jasinski made the ground foil for the build and photography of the foil/plane.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

21 responses

  1. Brilliant accomplishment, sir...gorgeous work indeed !

  2. Stunning. Beautiful work.

  3. Another lovely model Brad, keep 'em coming !

  4. Fantastic work! Just as I remember them. Great part of Dutch aiviation history you have build.
    Martinair and Martinair Cargo no longer exist in this form. The Cargo planes still use the Martinair callsign but are in fact KLM 747 freighters. Two of the MD-11 aircraft from the Martinair fleet were sold to to the Netherlands airforce and converted to airtankers / freighters, where they still fly to this day.

  5. So cool! - would love to see your next airliner in the "work in progress - aviation" in the groups section 🙂

  6. Well - just thought I'd finish reviewing your airliners before commenting - they are all fantastic, and like my first comment, with the great photography could fool anyone! Amazing work.

  7. Awesome , I loved it.

  8. Great modelling and photography, looks as real as it gets in this scale!

  9. Fantastic display. Great to see Civil aircraft built so beautifully.

  10. Hello Brad,
    I am Dutch and it always gives me great pleasure to see models in Dutch livery on the screen.
    This one is very special. Martin Schröder was a self made businessman that started with sight seeing trips and ended up as a big player in the Dutch Aviation Industry (Cargo and passengers).
    See story above from Ferry .
    The model is superb, just as the photographs. Flaps and slats deployed, excellent weathering.
    Complete in a very convincing setting. Regards, Dirk

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