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Thank you Imodeler. Prize arrived today.

A big big thank you. I have always wanted to do this kit, so am very grateful. Will start this one after my current build. Call me dull, but I love the box art version. Will post when completed.
Thank you so much, Paul in Brisbane Australia.

19 responses to Thank you Imodeler. Prize arrived today.

  1. Now who’s a happy lad? Great for you Paul. And a very nice kit,.
    California Steve

  2. Have fun with it Paul.

  3. Well done Paul; you’ll enjoy this one!

  4. Enjoy Paul, should be a beautiful when you finish her up.

  5. Lookin’ forward to the post, Paul…..good on ya!

  6. Nice one, Paul. Enjoy the build.

  7. As above, enjoy the build Paul.

  8. Cool prize, congratulations, I’m with you Paul, call me dull too.

  9. A very nice prize, Congratulations ! have fun with your Spit 🙂

  10. nice one – congratulations!

  11. Congratulations! A great prize!

  12. Glad to see that this (long) shipment arrived safely. Enjoy!

  13. Congratulations Paul! Enjoy the kit 🙂

  14. Congrats Paul! I have seen your work for a while now. I got that spit kit and the XVII Seafire kit they released, really nice. I Vacillated on whether or not to do the boxtop featured scheme (without “the last”) or an allover PRU blue scheme on one of the aftermarket sheets. Decided to stick to the boxtop and save a little money! I like the two colour scheme though!
    enjoy building- I am tempted to get mine going now- but I must resist! I have a few kits on the bench and would like to clear most of them over my Christmas break.

  15. Well done, Paul, well deserved. looking forward to seeing this one posted here as well.

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