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Well seeing it is about Christmas time. I was asked a favor from a friend……………

December 21, 2014 · in Uncategorized · 9 · 1K

My friend Dave has a eight year old who is in to helicopters. Not quite old enough to pilot a expensive RC model. But wants something that works. Dave brought me over the latest New Ray S.W.A.T. flat black Agusta Westland NH-500 "toy". And asked if there is anyway I could do, the stuff I do? I looked at the toy and said to myself, "Muuu Haa Haa a challenge?". So here is what I did after taking the toy apart. I applied Future on the clear windscreen. Installed two crew members with the traditional blue helmets. Detailed the instrument panel. Added a motor with a RC type plug at the exhaust port. And this connects to a four battery pack with a on and off switch. Run time about 35 minutes. (not bad). One really cool thing about this model is that each rotor blade has a micro screw at the attaching points, so when they are hit, they just fold back and not break off. Yes, little fingers will test this. This was a really fun project to do for a friend. I think his son will have some fun. I hope so. I know I did.
California Steve

Oh, the body of the model is metal, and the rear boom is plastic. Just right for a eight year old to bang around.

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  1. Well done Steve! I am sure the young lad willl be very pleased!

  2. The same as Morne , well done mate.

  3. You inventive little devil. you...always something "out of the box" from the left coast. 🙂

  4. Great idea, Steve, i guess this will be fun for him 🙂

  5. A nice thing you've done. The helo is wicked good, CHiPS would be proud!

  6. Well done, Santa, how did you find time to do this, you must be very busy at this time of year?

  7. Well done Steve, or should I say Santa? 😉

  8. Ho-Ho-Ho-! Thanks guys. I hope you have all been good?

    Have a Merry Christmas and Joyous Holidays.!

    California Steve

  9. Very interesting work.

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