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Fujimi 1/70 Kawasaki KI-61 Hien (Tony)

January 19, 2015 · in Aviation · · 12 · 2.5K

This ancient kit (note:1/70) was given to me by a "friend" who had no need to add this relic to his collection and chose not to throw it away. Since I had no WWII Japanese aircraft in my 1/72 collection, I thought I would play around with some of their more interesting schemes. According to the "instructions", this is the "One Hundred Series No.6". They were one page (both sides) that provided some comical reading, like referring to the as a "home-made Messer Schmitt", etc. Considering it's age, it had the rivet detail, and engraved hino-maru's. It's a good thing, too, because after the decals fell apart, I was able to paint them on, and scratch the "lightning bolt". Thankfully, it was a quick, thoughtless build, and fun to paint. My WWII Japanese shelf has begun ! (Next up, a couple old LS kits that were left along with this one)

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  1. Was this one of Fujimi's first kits Joe? Glad you decided to bring it to life.

  2. Done well Joe, I like the camo mate.
    Well done sir.

  3. I don't know much about Fujimi's history, but I'd guess it was one of theior first kits. The only other kits shown on the instruction sheet are 3-zero's, a Hayabusa, and a Shoki, this being # 6. No dates given.

  4. Fujimi first produced wooden ship models back in 1948 and then in 1965 started to produce plastic model kits. This Ki 61 was one of the initial 1965 releases. You did a nice job on this vintage classic. Well done Joe!

  5. Very colorful job, Joe...good start on the Japanese 'collection'.

  6. That colour scheme is loud to say the least, Joe, but you've done a good job with it, as usual. It will be interesting to see the next one in your new collection.

  7. Thanks, Guys. I copied that scheme out of "Flying Colors". It said the green over bare metal. Minimum effort, here. The old bird wasn't worth much more I'm afraid. (it almost became a "whiffie racer".) The next should be an LS KI-46 "Dinah", done in the box art scheme. Another ancient offering.

  8. One of the sleekest and most beautiful aircraft of the period. The colourful schemes set these apart even against other Japanese Empire aircraft. A beautiful job on this one, Joe-San.

  9. Old scool modelling is always nice, glad you build this kit

  10. The Japanese name of the aircraft is "HIEN", not "Hein".

  11. My mistake, thanks. Too many Heinkels in the past, I guess. (or Heinekens)

  12. Neat build Joe - I never knew Fujimi did that kit. From what I remember, and it's been a while, the LS kits were actually quite nice for their time. I built their 'trainer' Dinah kit and remember being surprised at the quality of it. Of course, that was many moons ago, and it wouldn't be fair to compare them to today's kits, but it was still nice. Definitely post it when you finish. Once again, nice job on this one!

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