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Screaming Goat!: Revell 1/24 Pontiac ’69 GTO

January 24, 2015 · in Automotive · · 10 · 2.1K

1/25 Pontiac '69 GTO, built OOB.
I used Testor's rattle can enamel for the exterior, and acrylics for the rest.
A fun kit of something different, and my first of 2015.
A lot of mistakes, but it was fun to use Bare Metal Foil for something other than canopy masking.
Hope you like it...

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  1. A sharp Goat James. Do some more.

  2. I had a '68...but it didn't have the rear spoiler or the hood-mounted tach. Nice!

  3. Thanks Al.
    I have an AMT 70 1/2 Z28, and several classic Mercedes-Benz kits. I think the Camaro will be next, I need to get my skills up to do the Benzes justice.

  4. Beautiful car, well done !

  5. Pure American muscle in all its automotive splendor. Well done!

  6. Always like to see some muscle cars, and the GTO is as good as any, how about a Camaro and a Mustang to go with it!

  7. Looks good to me mate.
    Well done sir.

  8. Nice car mate! The interior is great, it's like looking through the window of a real one!

  9. "Little GTO, it's really lookin' fine, three duces and a four speed with a 389..." Nice job overall, especially the Bare metal foil application, it adds a lot to a car model. Your model reminds me that today's cars have so little in the way of body styling.

  10. Back in the day when the average blue collar guy could afford a used one, my brother's friend had a 70' convertible. It would glue you to your seat. Hell of a car.

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