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Tamiya 1/48 N.A. RF-51D Mustang 45th TRS “Polka Dot” KOREA 1952

January 21, 2015 · in Aviation · 12 · 2.2K

Im use scratch build technique to make camera (then make silicone mold and cast and resin)
/if anyone is interested I have to sell/?
TRUE details cockpit with a few corrections .
AeroMaster decals and paint xtracolor.
N.A.RF-51D Mustang , Capt. William K. Mauldin,“Tulie, Scotty and ?”,45th TRS “Polka Dot” in K-2,20.2.1952 KOREA:


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  1. Good job, my friend...don't see too many of these versions.

  2. A rare photobird. A good looking NMF. Well done!

  3. Yes nicely done. If you're interested in selling you might look at the Trading Post option on this site to perhaps raise interest.

  4. Very nice Mustang, P.K . In a not so often seen version. Great build.

  5. Great looking Mustang to my eyes P.K.
    Well done mate.

  6. Nice recce bird. This is one I would like to do sometime. Well done.

  7. You have managed to make the single most-common mistake with a P-51 model. Fortunately, this is a problem that is easily solved.

    The P-51 gear does not stick straight down, it is angled forward. Unfortunately, the only P-51 kit that has a design that makes installation foolproof is the 1/32 Tamiya kit. For all others you have to eyeball it.

    The axle of the main gear should be directly ahead of the leading edge of the wing, when looking straight down at it. You can crack your gear and bend it to this position, then apply a drop of cyanoacrylate glue to it and it will hold without problem. If you use the visual clue I have described here in doing future models, you'll avoid the problem completely.

    Don't be concerned, everyone has made this mistake at least once. What's very cool is you got the canopy positioned just perfectly. Missing that is usually tied with the gear for Most Common Mistake.

    The model looks great otherwise, so I hope you'll make this easy fix and make it overall perfect.

    • I know that the landing gear but do not worry 17 years ago I did not even notice
      but now im al stash and have to make new and advance "Polka dots" of the same.
      This was sold and the new owner goes tomorrow, which
      no kit builder and is not burdened with defects that interfere with me for 10 years.
      So that his successor will be perfect he, he .

  8. Good, crisp build P.k. Are the polka dots decals?

  9. Nice looking Mustang, P.k.

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