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Convair YF2Y-1 Sea Dart, 1/72 Mach 2

September 16, 2022 · in Aviation · · 18 · 1.3K

Like many concepts that appeared in the 1950's the jet powered seaplane fighter came and went. Underpowered, problems with the ski design, and the prototype disintegrating in flight, the Navy stop development in 1955. There was to be a F2Y-2 with a single J-75 engine, and a refinement of the ski design, but it was too late. The Navy was receiving more capable carrier aircraft. the need for a seaplane fighter just didn't exist anymore. The four out of five still exist I believe they are all at museums across the country. The one depicted in this kit is in San Diego.

I always wanted to do this kit, I finally bucked up and faced the woes of doing a limited run kit. It actually wasn't that bad, the canopy fit needed work. Other than that, it went together rather well. I was happy that the kit decals work.

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  1. The 50s. era of the weird and wonderful in aviation. Great work on of the weirdest of the time.

    The footage of this thing trying to be "in action" was always dramatic.

  2. That’s a cool model, Robert. Great job.

  3. Great, Robert, I would have loved to have seen one of these in action.

  4. Nice one. I saw the one in San Diego . It needs to be moved indoors I think.

  5. Cool model. Nice job on a kit from company whose kits are typically best described as nightmare fodder.

    I've also seen the Sea Dart in San Diego. One weird looking jet.

  6. Robert
    You have done a great job with building your model. It looks really good.

    Years ago in the late 1970’s I saw one of these jets. It was stored outside and it was part of the now defunct museum that was called “Wings and Wheels”. It was located in Kissimmee, Florida.

    The canopy was open on the jet, and since I was a teenager and absolutely fascinated with anything that was aviation related, I just had to crawl into the cockpit to see what it must have been like back then as a test pilot.

    The same museum had a full scale replica of the SST and it was open to the patrons, and somewhere I have a few pictures of this place. I was able to get into the SST cockpit (as were any of the other people who entered the museum).

    But my favorite plane they had on display was a Pfalz D-XII fighter. I think it’s on display in Arizona now.

    The museum faced financial difficulties and the collection was auctioned off in the early 80’s. They had some really cool cars on display there too.

    Looking at your article took me back to this wonderful day in my childhood. Thanks buddy !

    I’m definitely going to check the “like” button. Stay safe and it’s a great model.

    Two thumbs up 👍

  7. Fantastic job on the challenging Mach2 kit, Robert! A wonderful subject!

  8. Excellent result, Robert @roofrat
    Indeed an aircraft out of the ordinary, the only seaplane exceeding the sound barrier.

  9. Nice job, Robert. That would look great in a splash down dio.

  10. Very cool, Robert (@roofrat). I have heard that this kit can be a real bear to build. You have obviously brought out the best in this kit.

  11. I'm big fan of Nifty Fifties airplanes. Ya' done good with that one. I'm attempting the Mach 2 P6M Seamaster, hoping to get back to it after a few priority projects are done...

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  12. Thanks, is that 1/72?

  13. Very cool! I've built a Mach2 kit and those are no easy breezy builds! Congrats for getting through it with a commendable result!

  14. Very cool Robert. One I want in 1:48

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