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Go Modelling 2015 Vienna. Part one: The exhibition.

March 10, 2015 · in Show Reports · · 6 · 7.8K

is a great traditional modelling event, that takes place in a great traditional museum of military history. It is arranged by IPMS-Austria in the museum or military history in Vienna. (Heeresgeschichtliches Museum Wien, HGM)

The museum offers everything you expect from a museum of military history in the capital of what was once a major european empire.
Weapons, Tanks, armour, uniforms, banners, flags, models and monumental battle paintings. It's all there.

By having the show in the museum, a win-win situation is created for the museum and for IPMS-Austria. The museum has an average of ca 2000 visitors per month. During this modelling weekend they have about 4000 paying visitors. IPMS-Austria gets to arrange its show in beautiful rooms filled with paintings, armour and the like.
Especially for the figure modellers, this created a great synergy effect. Tables filled with beautiful figures of knights stood right next to full sized knights' armour.
One of the great things about this exhibition, was the large number of high quality figures that took part.

The exhibition part of the event contained models of every kind, made from all the traditional modelling materials. Wood, metal, plastic and paper.
I myself took part in the exhibition by exhibiting my german collection, that consists of Bismarck, Scharnhorst, Admiral Hipper, Graf Spee, Z-31, U-Boot Typ XXI, U-Boot Typ XI, U-Boot Typ VIIc and an S-Boot, all in 1:350.

I also took part in the thematic exhibition "Bigger, faster better", where models of anything that ever held a record were exhibited. My contribution was a model of the french destroyer Le Terrible, that held the speed record for destroyers between 1935 and 2010.

Photographing at modelling events is always tricky, so I hope you'll excuse me for the sometimes less than perfect pictures. Rather than trying to further describe the models, I'll let them speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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6 responses

  1. Thats an awesome place for displaying models as shown here. Great talents !

  2. Ulf, thank you for doing this, as I'll probably never get there, myself. I always wanted to go there and see what's left of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
    I literally don't to what to look at, as I keep noticing what's around the models, and the models themselves.
    This is just stunning, words fail me.
    Many, many thanks for your work and photography.
    I'd like to see your models in person, as well. Oh, well!

  3. Wow! What a fantastic show. I have to find a way to move to Europe,. Modeling is so much better over there.

  4. said on March 19, 2015

    Hi to Ulf an all other members

    Thank you for your kind and excellent articles. Such comments are inspiring to invest even more energy for the next event. To be honest: All exhibitors who are coming to the show are also a very important part for a successful event.

    BTW: Ulf, Your ships are beautiful.

    For all people interested in Austrian Navy: there is a (German) reading example about Peters K.u.K Torpedoboot at:

    Hope to see many modeller in reality at GoMo 2016

    Regards from one of the "Greenish Helping Hands"


  5. Your builds are great! As are the rest, I like the egg builds, thanks for sharing.

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