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PV-1 Ventura

December 2, 2019 · in Aviation · · 15 · 2.5K

I took a break from stringing biplanes to build this wonderful kit, 's . The kit was marked "Korea 2011" and went together like a dream. All the seams had a nice tight fit, so very little bodywork was needed. I built the kit OOB with the exception of a True Details Mark 13 torpedo, and decals to match the reference photos - from Yellow Wings and the spares pile. The bottom is painted Testers light gray enamel, and the top is Vellejo air intermediate blue. I wanted to free hand the top coat, but my airbrush was not cooperating, so masked it instead with torn masking tape. This was my first try at filling the panel lines. It is an interesting affect, though I'm not sure it looks particularly realistic. Overall it's a nice, fun kit, but I can't get over how much the fuselage looks like a whale!

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  1. This is incredible ! Chuck Villanueva and I were just talking about this type of plane earlier today...You must have ESP or something.

    I have one of these in the stash, and eventually want to build mine up in US Navy markings from Naval Air Station Deland. It was a training facility during the War, and they flew this type, along with SBD's, and later Curtiss Helldiver's from our local airport.

    Your model looks great ! It's even better when you can find a photo of the real plane to use as a reference like you have done.

    Well done, and "liked"

  2. Hello Robert: Nice job on the Ventura. I just finished my second one. I think you line looks good. My airbrush didn't want to play nice on that stage either. To me the jury is still out on the panel lines. It's a nice affect though and you did a nice job with it.
    These are great kits. I will be posting mine a little later. Not real happy with it but oh well.
    As previously stated, the photo of the actual aircraft is a nice touch as well.

  3. Great job. The paint looks good and the torn tape seems to have worked out well. Venturas are one of my all-time favorites. I still have a couple of these in my stash to build, as well as one of the British versions. My dad was stationed in the Aleutian Islands at the start of WW2, so one of the paint schemes from the islands seems like a no-brainer.

  4. Nicely done! great job on the paint scheme.

  5. Nice work on this, the kit does make up into a good model.

  6. Hello Robert,
    I enjoyed reading your text and the accompanying pictures. It looks great. I have never seen one in real, but I think these type of "workhorses"were very worn, just by hanging for hours over the salty ocean. Regards, Dirk

  7. Nicely done Robert, glad to hear it well together rather well as I too have one in the stash. She really looks good.

  8. Thanks all for the comments. As Dirk pointed out, these aircraft were very worn, and I forgot to mention in my write-up that I did do some weathering. The de-icing boots on the leading edge of the wings are black on the bottom, but gray on top to simulate faded rubber. I also lightened up the last coat of intermediate blue and applied to the upper-most surfaces. It is a subtle affect that is not obvious in the photos.

  9. Very nice Ventura!

  10. very nice!

  11. Great build. As Tom said this is a kit that gives an impressive result.

  12. Cool looking bird. Nice job all the way around.

  13. A really nice job all around! congratulations!

  14. Beauty. I built one as a West Coast RCAF bird. I can't remember building it so when that happens, I know it was a very good build as you said

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