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Our 5 week mission :)

March 29, 2015 · in Sci-fi · · 24 · 1.5K

So I am finally done with the Polar Lights Enterprise. So how was it? Well dog would be too strong, but darn I wish someone would make a Sci Fi kit that wasn't a bear to build that didn't cost an arm and a leg. It being a snap fit, took lots of fitting filling and sanding, and despite a good gloss coat the decals silvered as bad as a mid 70s kit laid down on flat paint! That being said it was fun and I have an Enterprise in my display. The last 3 pics are the beers it took to keep me from flinging the darned thing against the wall!

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  1. Very nice, Rob. I saw this earlier, but can't recall the scale - looks like maybe a 1/48 equivalent?
    Well done for seeing it through.

    The base is also imaginative.

  2. Thanks Rob, 1/1000. I would love to build their 1/350 Enterprise but at $150 and fairly large, I settled for this one 🙂

  3. The TOS Enterprise is a plain-Jane looking ship, but looks quite nice when done up right as you have done. The rusty patches and ring on the saucer do a fine job of breaking up what would be a very boring color. (Despite what the people on the websites say about it.) I love the collage you made for the base. As a recommendation for another sci-fi project, go for Moebius' Cylon Raider. It's reportedly studio scale and goes together quite nicely with only a seam around the perimeter to fill. (Of course, then you need to get the Viper to go with it. Very similar to Monogram's old kit in construction, but much better and they look good together as they are the same scale.)

  4. I like your display case, Rob...what you SHOULD be doing (if you already haven't) is build/buy a display case for the myriad of off-the-wall beer [brands] bottles you've been showing us over the last months. Now THAT would be an impressive collection - 🙂

  5. Nice build of a sci-fi icon. I have the AMT version still in the box, I hope it's an "easy build". Great looking shadow box, mine is hanging in my upstairs hall way.

  6. Looks great.
    I like the subtle colour toning on the circular part.

  7. I like the way you displayed this model Rob. It looks really nice. I have also noticed that the lager the beer bottle, the smaller the model.
    Does this mean if you had a Keg of beer you would be modeling in 1/144 scale? Just asking...Tee Hee Hee!
    Have a Great weekend,
    California Steve

  8. Nice looking model. I have built of couple of these kits and their snap-tite origins make a lot of work to get around. The decals are a pain in all of the kits I have tried and now just order after-market sheets instead. The shading around the saucer section does show up in the remastered TOS episodes along with a bit more weathering.

  9. Thanks guys, and Mike I built the old AMT version back in the day and it was pretty decent, and there are a ton aftermarket upgrades and decals for it.

  10. russian beer with S.S. runes in the background...strange...when Kiss performs in Germany they can't display enterprise

  11. I think they are just lightening bolts? They continue on with more zig zagzs than runes. Still that would be a very ironic label huh?

    • gotcha...intriguing symbolism the airdale brewing co. pint glasses...being as your an old airdale...your going to be heartbroken if that ever breaks

  12. Thelonius Monk beer! What next? I really look foward to your posts, where else am I gonna see this cavalcade of the nightblooming fermented fruit of the hops plant?
    Nobody will believe me, but here's proof. (oooh!)

  13. Rob,
    Very nicely done with a great display. I know what you mean about this kit. I was commissioned to build two of them. I elected to forego the beer. It took copious amounts of Johnnie Walker Red to complete the POS's. You have done an excellent job with this and it looks great. Kirk would be proud.
    The Navy display is very impressive. Thank you for your service

  14. Excellent build, Rob. Beam me up !
    Nice F-4 as well in your display cabinet, impressive !

  15. Better late than never ? Nice build and display! missed it because it was before I discovered the site.

  16. Robert took the words out of my mouth. . . how did he dodat.

    Rob @robertandy, are you planning to join us in the iModeler at the Movies group build?

  17. Nope, got a Phantom to finish, then I will probably attack my RFM Panther again.

  18. Hell, lot of movies with F4’s - can’t believe I’m doing this but here goes;

    There’s a LOT more...

  19. And a little known original Magnum P I episode , dubing as a Mig 30

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  20. You know, Robert - I was actually going to post exactly that photo. Well spotted, @roofrat

  21. Just by chance I recently saw said episode.

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