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Deuce and a half…1/35 Italeri with Trakz canvas…"The Red Ball Express”

April 5, 2015 · in Armor · · 22 · 2K

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  1. Great looking Deuce and a half. I like the weathering and the canvas looks great!

  2. On the ball once again Bob.
    Looks swell sir.
    Well done mate.

  3. Nicely weathered and detailed, Mr. Mack...and photographed - a good piece of work all around.

  4. I agree the weathering is a high point of the build. You've caught the panels exactly.

  5. Weathering of the cover especially is amazing !

  6. very nice looking truck! great job on the weathered canvas top!

  7. Bob,

    I have always liked this rig for some reason or another and you have really done it justice. A little aside if I may. During the summer after high school I along with five other guys my age worked for the City street department. One of the rigs we used was a surplus truck like this one. It was a Mess and was a bear to drive. It was a challenge to see who could drive it the best. None of us could and by summers end the six of us 18 year olds reduced this once proud warrior to a worthless POS. Today the six of us (still around) would do anything we could to restore it to it's glory.

  8. oh...double power nothing...a beast i imagine...thank you

  9. Bob
    I took a few rides in one of these things in the winter, they are not for the Cadillac crowd...noisy, cold, drafty, rode "rough as a bus'. Great job on the model, the canvas looks as real as can be.

  10. Bob, like Mike, I had some rides on the later version from late '67- 69. All I can say is that it beat marching. Is this the Studebaker or the GMC? Only way I can tell is the cab slope, myself.

  11. thank you very much's the GMC...amen it beats gravel crunching

  12. Great looking truck, Bob, like the others have said, your finish and weathering really make it look the part.

  13. Fantastic truck Bob. Great painting, I love that dusty look.

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