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Classic Kit: Matchbox 1/76 Jadgpanther Tweaked Just a Bit

I really like (armour) kits. The kits were made by a different hand because they do not exhibit the heavy engraving of their aircraft kits. This is my second attempt at building this kit. I used pastels to dust it up a bit and to augment the camo colors. I dry brushed it with black, especially on the sharp edges.

This kit did not come with the little brick wall, sigh. I also did a heretical thing. I added parts from the 1/72 Dragon Panther kit. So here is the tiny Matchbox waiting to ambush a column of Fireflies.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

21 responses

  1. A beautiful result, David!
    Thanks for the kit info, I might give a Matchbox armor a try!

    • Hi Spiros,

      Their little Stuart tank is a little gem. I have most of their kits except the Panther.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  2. Yep a great result on this still futuristic looking tank.

  3. Nice work, David. You really dialed that airbrush down to do that camo.

  4. Very nice work, David @thevid
    The camouflage came out perfectly.
    Well done.

  5. Very impressive paint work, I'd think this would be hard to do in braille

  6. Very nice. What kind of paint did you use David ?
    I’m a big fan of Matchbox armour too.
    The Tank museum has a very long documentary on the JagdPanther if you get a chance .

  7. David, great looking Jadgpanther. The paint job and finished look came out nice. I am a big fan of the Matchbox kits from back then. Too bad I no longer have their armor kits.

  8. Lovely work David you more than did this one justice!

  9. Hi David.
    The YouTube channel is : « The Chieftain « and the video is called : The Weald foundation Jadgpanther with Hilary Doyle.
    The guide gives a very long interview on the JagdPanther . It’s a truly revealing history unlike anything I ever read about it.
    The man is THE Authority on the Subject.
    Enjoy !

  10. Nice work, at first glance I thought it of larger scale.

  11. Really "great" work on this vehicle!
    Superb paint job for this scale?

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