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Revell Germany 1:570 King George V. 2003 Re-Issue of the Classic 1973 Kit.

April 1, 2015 · in Ships · · 19 · 3.4K

Here is my 1:570 KGV. Overall, a fairly high quality kit for 1973, but the fit between the hull and deck is quite poor. I opted for a "classic build" as the level of detail in the original kit would've stood in stark contrast to the high detail of aftermarket PE parts. I will re-visit the weathering before the fall IPMS show.

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  1. Nice build, Peter...looks good. The few "floaty things" I've done are sans PE as well...that stuff does not like me. 🙁

  2. looks great...stand too

  3. Good job on an old kit!
    I definitely agree with you about the PE. It would just make the shortcomings of the kit more obvious.
    Better to go for a good paintjob and a good overall impression.

  4. Nice build Peter , I agree with Ulf on P.E. Good painting came before all that stuff.

  5. The turret configuration is unique. What ever happened to her postwar? One of my friends (who likes to play stump Bernie) asked that. I said razor blades, but I'm not a ship guy.
    Their original Missouri had the superstructure to hull fun, as well. This looks much better, needless to relate.

    • Thanks Bernie. I would recommend to anyone planning to build this kit to dry fit first and trim off all the "locator" pins. The edges of the deck also need to be tapered with a file or No. 11 blade to fit into the slope of the hull.

      As for the real one, My Ensign publication tells me she was mothballed 1950 (a first) sent to reserves mid-fifties and broken up 1957. 🙁

  6. Peter,
    What was a top notch kit in 1973 compared with now offers no comparison. What you have done with this kit is great.

    • Thanks Frank. I like these old kits because you can appreciate the hand tooling. Amazing precision and detail in the moulds, considering they came from patterns made of wood and epoxy!

  7. Very nice ship! I built it somewhere around 1990 - I was quite 'Bismarckie' then - and I still remember fit problems..

  8. Peter, nicely presented, no matter what year it was made.

  9. Very nice. Great job.

  10. Thats a great example of "old scool" modelling, very nice, Peter.
    These older kits are still a relaxing fun build. Did this one as "Prince of Wales"
    many years ago. The KGVs from Revell are much better than the Bismarck class ships. My PoW was put together with my Airfix H.M.S Repulse and formed "Force Z" on my television

  11. Nice boat Peter. I agree with you on the photo etch. Simple done well is better than complicated gone wrong!
    Not for a minute saying a ship build is simple mind!

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