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May 3, 2020 · in Aviation · · 17 · 2.3K

Good morning, a few months ago, in a post by Boris Grgić, I commented that I was finishing a Canadair.

The famous seaplane from forest fires, at least in my country, where we have suffered, has been a problem for a long time.

Sometimes because of the weather and other times because of deranged people who enjoy burning forests.

In the end a lot of people put their lives at risk because of them.

A few years ago traveling through Galicia I witnessed one of these accidents live and took some photos that I left you in the forum a few months ago, well this is the result.

I hope you like it

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  1. Very cool looking project. Never had one of those flying over me when I fought forest fires in the '80s. We did have the Martin Mars and Douglas DC-6 tanker make one pass each on a fire in '83

  2. Very nice build, especially the water effects. Great job.
    What scale is the model?

    • It is the Italeri 1:72 kit, it is not a marvel, but it is left to mount, it came out with a twisty wing and after trying everything that occurred to me after a few days, it turned again.

  3. What a cool diorama! Awesome!

  4. Very nice. Great plane and great splash effects.

  5. Well done. Few months ago, before I started my Canadair, I searched this page and did not find any models of Canadair waterbomers. Now, in a short period there are two beautiful mini dioramas with this model.

    • If it is true, I also looked before I started mounting it and curiously a few days before finishing it, I had the Lammbretta project in the middle and you put yours on.
      So change the idea of the presentation to avoid repeating your idea.


  6. That's a great dramatized diorama, Carmelo! This Canadair in full power taking off, rushing to the fire scene. A common sight here in Greece, with CL-215 and -415 being the saviour birds when things get really bad - and they do very often! Those pilots have to be congratulated. It is amazing when you realize the non-standard and always different conditions they have to face at each fire, literally diving into it.
    All the best!

  7. Beautifully done!

  8. Great to see a civilian aircaft and in some sort of action setting. Love the bright colours. However, I dare say you should swap those frozen props for a blurry disc to enhance the effect of speed and action.

  9. Beautiful. Superb diorama with incredibly realistic water - really looks right for takeoff.

    We like the CL-215/415 here in Los Angeles, too. Saw one take off like this a few years back and you definitely "caught it."

  10. A moment ago reviewing photos, chance has made the plane you photograph the same as the one represented by the kit.

  11. Fabulous build and presentation! Congrats!

  12. Great diorama of a CL415 scooping up water and with the overflow pouring out.

  13. Great build and diorama, and looks great with the Spanish tail markings on the colorful airframe.

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