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Research help…Light Blue scheme Ar 196 – raider in French markings

If you’ve read any of my comments about unusual aircraft or schemes, you know I’m a big fan of modeling stuff out of the mainstream. I was recently intrigued by a conversation I had with a gent in my club, who described an Ar 196 used on an Auxiliary Raider that was painted in light blue (possibly even a lighter shade than the usual RLM 65), and carrying French markings. He had read of such an aircraft, and additionally that one of the strategies used by the crew was to suspend a couple of grappling hooks from the aircraft to take out a targets radio aerials. My reaction, of course, was “I WANT TO BUILD THAT!”

Neither he nor I have been able to find that reference he remembers reading. I have found several pictures of the usual 2-tone green scheme in French markings (along with the 1/72 decals I would need), and some decal sets for a couple of different solid blue aircraft, but none with French markings. I’ve also read of a solid blue with not markings at all, which would be my second choice.

Would anyone have any reference material that might verify that the scheme I’m desiring to do might have actually existed. I really would prefer to know it did rather than pose a “what if.” I’ve attached a couple of images of available decals so you can envision what I’m after.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

4 responses to Research help…Light Blue scheme Ar 196 – raider in French markings

  1. I’m no help, but I like the all blue, unmarked (almost) aircraft assigned to the ‘Admiral Scheer.’

  2. Interesting idea, not only the ship, but the aircraft in “colors of convenience” ! I’ve never seen much on WW II Kreigsmarine commerce raiders.

  3. I remember the 2 kits I have of the Arado 196 both having one (perhaps the same?) of these pseudo-french dressing. By memory, since I’m away from home all week, both call for the standard 72/73 over 65 colours. Besides this info, I have not come across any other info regarding these raiders

  4. The Ar 196 in question was onboard the Admiral Scheer and was operating in the Indian Ocean area. The aircraft was operated in the blue scheme devoid of markings and I read somewhere that as they operated in an area where the Vichy French controlled Madagascar that French markings were applied to confuse Allied shipping in the area. The Admiral Scheer had some successes in the Indian Ocean as a raider. Undoubtedly the Ar 196 played a big role.

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