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Supermarine Walrus / Seagull V finished by Raul Hrubisko

April 26, 2015 · in Aviation · · 8 · 2.4K


I would like to share with you my Father's latest series.

These are the 16 models done all together. We would like to thanks Peter Malone for assisting us on this project. He has share with us a lot of valuable information.

Here are a few more photos

And finally in our display cabinet

This is the list of the aircraft represented
1) Supermarine mk I Z5872 Sqdn 700 North Africa
2)Supermarine Walrus ZA-W HD874 - Aug 1944: Rec'd 8 Communications Unit. / Nov 1944: Fitted with TT gear at 12 RSU. / Nov 1944: Rec'd 8 CU on completion of mods
3) Supermarine Walrus X10451 East Cowes - 1940 - Prototypes of mk II
4) Supermarine Walrus W3085 HMS Victorious - Japan - 1945
5) Supermarine Walrus NZ158, Auckland, New Zealand
6) Supermarine V K5772 MAEE 1939
7) Supermarine Seagull V A22 1941
8) Supermarine Seagull V A16
9) Supermarine Walrus L2217 I 40 from 712 HMS Glasgow - early 1940
10) Supermarine Seagull IV A2-22 Seaplane Training Flight Rathmines 1941
11) Supermarine Walrus W3090 - HMS Emperor - Far East - July 8yh 1945
12) Supermarine Walrus Mk II serial number unknown BAQ - 277 Sqn Normandia 1944
13) Supermarine Walrus Mk II Z3 Z1768 1 Naval Air Gunnery Yarmouth Nova Scotia, Canada 1944
14) Supermarine Walrus X9506 ZE U - 293 Sqdn Foggia-Italy 1945
15) Supermarine Walrus Mk I YQ S X9513 11/1/1944
16) Supermarine Walrus X9516 Point Cook 1942

The next project will deal about the General Aircraft Hotspur glider.


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  1. Fabulous builds as always with great photography.

  2. Interesting series. You've got to be really focused to get through a project like this. Well done to your father.

  3. I am not sure what the collective noun is for a group of Walrus`s but they look great.
    Your father has a great deal of talent.

  4. Very ambitious project, and nice results. I would love to see one or two more close-up photos of each individual aircraft! (getting old - eyes aren't quite what they used to be...)

  5. Very nice collection. One in 1/48 was enough for me, so I really admire his patience.:)

  6. Santiago,
    Kiuddo's once again to your father on these wonderful builds. Where in the world do you store or display all of these models?

  7. Super photo's! I built the Revell one and it looked nice but x 16 is way better!

  8. Could you provide a photo of 9) Supermarine Walrus L2217 I 40 from 712 HMS Glasgow – early 1940? It would be much appreciated. I have been searching for the markings and paint job of a Walrus from the Glasgow.

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